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APPSC Jr Assistants Exam Computer Literacy Question Paper

Here we are giving full question paper of the Computer Literacy Examination (Paper - II) conducted by APPSC for the recruitment of Junior Assistants in AP Board of Intermediate Education. We have already published the question paper and key for General Studies Paper (Paper I) of the examination held on 8th July 2012. We shall give the key for the Paper 2 (Computer Literacy) soon. Following are some model questions of Computer Literacy paper:

1. XML stands for
1) Extra Markup Language
2) Excellent Markup Lines
3) Extensible Markup Language
4) Extended Marking Links

2) What is Internet Explorer?
1) An Icon 2) A File Manager
3) A Web Browser 4) Application

3) A computer graphics is made up of small points or picture elements called as
1) dots 2) pixels 3) Both 1 and 2 4) None of the above

4) MPEG stands for
1) Motion Picture Expert Group
2) Motion Pixel Expert Group
3) Moving Picture Expert Group
4) Moving Pixel Expert Group

5) The process of finding and fixing errors in the program is called as
1) debugging 2) compiling
3) checking 4) troubleshooting

6) Memory that temporarily stores the data and can be erased is known as
1) RAM 2) ROM 3) Secondary Memory 4) Main Memory

7) Which one of the following is an input device?
1) Scanner 2) VDU 3) Printer 4) Keyboard

8) Which one of the following is not an application software?
1) MS - Word 2) MS - Excel
3) MS - Powerpoint 4) MS-DOS

APPSC Junior Assistants Exam - Computer Literacy Question Paper

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  1. T.Nagaraj

    Thanks for giving valuable information.
    and what is the cut-off marks is going there in Jr. Asst. in ap board of intermediate exam?


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