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Applied Arts, Architecture and Design Universities in USA

1. Cardinal Stritch University: The College of Arts and Sciences at Cardinal Stritch University offers Master's Degrees in clinical psychology, ministry, piano, history, religious studies, and visual studies. The University has well qualified faculty and infrastructure. For more information, visit or you can call at 800-347-8822 ext. 4042.

2. Southern Illinois University, Carbondale: The graduate program of the University is intense and individualized.

3. Princeton University: The School of Architecture of the PU offers Graduate programs leading to Master of Architecture. PU Also offers a Ph.D. in Architecture for those interested in planning or landscape architecture.

4. University of Southern California: You can pursue one and half year M.Arch. here. The program is focused on design research topics in architecture and urban place making. You can also register for Dual degree programs available with Master of Planning.

5. Washington University in St. Louis: The high profile university offers high profile course for architects and urban designers. It offers a brand to its students.

6. California State Polytechnic University, Pomona: The focus of the university is Landscape Architecture. Graduate program emphasizes on conservation of energy, and biological diversity, physical resources and the restoration of dysfunctional environments by humane and aesthetically satisfying means. You can obtain details from

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