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AP Sr. Inter Zoology Model Paper 2

SECTION - A 10 $ 2 = 20
Answer all the following questions in two or three sentences
1. What is endostyle? What is its function?
2. Name the reptile without copulatory organ. Why is it considered a living fossil?
3. What is Bohr's effect?
4. What is zygomatic arch in the skull of rabbit? How it is formed?
5. Distinguish between primary lymphoid organs and secondary lymphoid organs.
6. Distinguish between macroevolution and microevolution.
7. Distinguish between biological value and protein efficiency ratio.
8. What is P-Wave? What is its significance?
9. Name any two vaccines produced by rDNA technology.
10. What is the importance of Omega3 fatty acid? Name any two sources.

SECTION - B 6 $ 4 = 24
Answer any six of the following questions.
11. Describe the different types of feathers in birds.
12. Mention eight important general characters of Pisces.
13. Describe the steps involved in DNA finger printing technology.
14. Explain the terms prolapsed, deworming, cannibalism and dubbing in poultry.
15. Explain the mechanism of blood coltting.
16. Draw a labeled diagram of L.S. of tooth of rabbit.
17. Explain Darwin's theory of Natural Selection with industrial
18. Discuss the conditions for Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium.

SECTION - C 2 $ 8 = 16
Answer any two of the following.
19. Describe the structure of the brain of rabbit
20. Describe gene expression. Explain gene regulation with the help of operon.
21. Describe the female reproductive system of rabbit with neatly
labeled diagrams.

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