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AP Senior Inter Physics Model Paper 2

Intermediate Physics (English Version) Model Paper - II
Note: 1. Answer All questions. 10 × 2 = 20
2. Each question carries 2 marks.
3. All are Very short answer type questions.

1. How does the spacing between fringes in Young's double slit
experiment change?
a) If the slit separation is increased.
b) The colour of light is changed from red to blue.
2. Mention any two applications of diffraction.
3. Classify the following substances into Dia, Para, Ferro
magnetic materials (1) Manganese 2) Bismuth 3) Cobalt 4) Oxygen 5) Copper 6) Aluminium.
4. When a charge of 1 μ c is placed in an electric field, it experiences
a force of 2 x 10−3 N. Find the intensity of the field.
5. What are ohmic and non-ohmic devices? Give examples.
6. State the factors on which self inductance depends?
7. State Moseley's Law. What is its importance?
8. What is internal resistance of a cell? Write the value of internal
resistance of an ideal cell.
9. What is the role of control rods in Nuclear Reactor? What are the materials used as control rods? 10. Define modulation. Mention one basic method of modulation.

Note: 1. Answer any Six questions.
2. Each question carries 4 marks.
3. All are Short answer type questions. 6 × 4 = 24

11. What is critical angle? Explain it with a neat ray diagram.
12. Derive an expression for the magnetic Induction at a point on the axial line of bar magnet.
13. Derive an expression for the energy stored in a capacitor. If
a dielectric is introduced between the plates, how will energy
14. Derive an expression for balancing condition of a Wheatstone bridge by applying Kirchoff's Laws.
15. Write a short note on construction and working of a thermopile.
16. State the principle on which transformer works? Describe the
working of transformer with necessary theory.
17. Write a short note on discovery of neutron.
18. Write Einstein's photo electric equation and write the laws of
photo electric emission.

Note: 1. Answer any Two questions.
2. Each question carries 8 marks.
3. All are Long answer type questions. 2 × 8 = 16

19. (a) Explain the formation of stationary waves in a stretched
strings and hence deduce the laws of transverse waves in stretched strings.
(b) A wire of length 1 m and mass 20 gm is stretched with a force of 800 N. Find its fundamental frequency.
20. (a) Describe the construction and working of moving coil
(b) A galvanometer has a resistance of 100 Ω. A current of 10−3 A pass through the galvanometer. How can it be converted into an ammeter range of 0 − 10 A?
21. What is a rectifier? Explain the working of half wave rectifier
and full wave rectifier using junction diode.

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