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Andhra Pradesh Junior Inter Zoology Paper 1 Model Paper

SECTION - A 10 $ 2 = 20
Answer all the following questions in two or three sentences
1. Which class of Echinodermata do you find respiratory trees? Name at least one of the larval forms.
2. Distinguish between osteoblasts and osteoclasts.
3. Distinguish between synchronous and metachronous rhythms in Paramecium
4. Distinguish between primary amoebiasis and secondary amoebiasis
5. Distinguish between monoxenous and heteroxenous parasites
6. What is phaeosome? Where is it present in Pheretima?
7. List out any two holometabolous insects you have studied. Write their larvae and pupae.
8. Distinguish between scolopedia and sensilla
9. How are corpora adipose of cockroach functionally similar to the liver of vertebrates?
10. What do you mean by allelopathy?
SECTION - B 6 $ 4 = 24
Answer any six of the following questions.
11. Define species. Explain the characters of a species
12. Mention important general characters of Protozoa
13. Write a short notes on simple epithelia
14. Describe erythrocytic phase of Plasmodium vivax
15. Describe four blood vessels present behind the thirteenth segment in Pheretima.
16. Draw a neat labeled diagram of the T.S. of earthworm passing
through the typhlosole region
17. Describe the structure of trachea of cockroach
18. Describe the different IUCN categories of a species
SECTION - C 2 $ 8 = 16
Answer any two of the following.
19. Explain the process of conjugation in Vorticella
20. Describe the life cycle of Taenia solium
21. What is a food chain? Explain the various types of food chains in a community. Add a note on food web.

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