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10th Social Studies Model Paper II English Medium

Social Studies is a good scoring subject for 10th Class students of Andhra Pradesh. Following is the question Social Studies Model Question paper 2 for SSC Public Examinations in AP.

SSC Social Studies Model Paper - March
Paper - II (English Version)
Parts A and B - TIME: 2.30 HOURS MAX. MARKS: 50

PART - A (Time: 2.00 HOURS - MARKS: 35)
Answer any Five of the following choosing at least two from each group. 5 × 2 = 10

1) What are the two important methods of climatic classification?
2) Write about important aspects of Delhi.
3) Why is India called a 'Sub-Continent'?
4) What are the advantages of road transport system?

5) Write a short note on Reserve Bank of India.
6) What is Organised Sector? Give examples.
7) Differentiate the Cost Push and Demand Pull inflations.
8) What are the general objectives of Planning in India?

Answer any four of the following questions. 4 × 1 = 4
9) Write the different gauges of railways.
10) What are the types of irrigation?
11) What are the important iron and steel plants in India?
12) What is meant by "Human Development Index'?
13) Write the full form of F.E.R.A.
14) Who is the present Vice President of Planning Commission
of India?

Answer any four of the following choosing at least two from
each group 4 × 4 = 16

15) What are the characteristic features of Indian Agriculture?
16) What are the differences in the Physiography of Eastern and
Western Ghats?
17) Why is the Cotton Textile Industry developed in and around
Mumbai and Ahmedabad only?
18) What are the problems of Population explosion?

19) Describe the success and failures of Indian Five Year Plans?
20) What are the forms of land tenure which gave rise to
unequal socio-economic structure in India?
21) Define poverty line? Explain the concepts of Absolute and
Relative Poverty.
22) What is the role of banking and financial organisations in the
Indian Economy? Will Privatisation help in realising the

SECTION - IV 1 × 5 = 5
23) Mark the following on the outline map of India
SET A: 1) Mt. Abu 2) N H 7
3) Deccan Plateau 4) Visakhapatnam Port
5) Bhuvaneswar
SET B: 1) Palk Strait 2) Mumbai
3) Railway line from Kolkata to Chennai
4) Mt. Everest 5) Bhakra-Nangal Project.

I. Choose the correct answer. 10 × 1/2 = 5
1. Geographically the biggest state in India [ ]
A) Madhya Pradesh B) Rajasthan
C) Uttar Pradesh D) Maharastra
2. The Older alluvium in India is called [ ]
A) Bhabar B) Khadar
C) Bhangar D) Terai
3. Gullied erosion is more prevalent in this region [ ]
A) Chamal Valley B) Ganga Valley
C) Godavari Valley D) Krishna delta
4. This is the example of Kharif crop [ ]
A) Ground nut B) Wheat
C) Pulses D) Paddy
5. The Head Quarters of South Central Railway [ ]
A) Chennai B) Secunderabad
C) Mumbai D) Bengaluru
6. East India Company captured political power in [ ]
A) 1600 AD B) 1757 AD
C) 1854 AD D) 1857 AD
7. Structural inflation is more prevalent in [ ]
A) North America B) Latin America
C) China D) Russia
8. Chemical and alluminium Industries come under- [ ]
A) Intermediate Goods Industries
B) Capital goods Industries
C) Basic Industries
D) Consumer Goods Industries
9. This organisation has monetary authority in India [ ]
A) State Bank of India B) Canara Bank
C) Union Bank D) Reserve Bank of India
10. Self reliance as taken as the objective of ------ plan [ ]
A) First B) Second
C) Third D) Fourth
II. Fill in the blanks. 10 × 1/2 = 5
11) ______ river flows through a rift valley.
12) ______ coast gets abundant rainfall through North East
13) _____ % of land should be under forests to maintain ecological
14) Ooty is also called ______.
15) ______ is the single largest item of imports of India.
16) The public enterprises operating under the ownership of
state is known as the ______.
17) In India we find _____ type of inflation.
18) Life expectancy in India is _____ years.
19) Better Water management is associated with ______.
20) At present we are in ______ Five Year Plan.
III. Match the following. 10 × 1/2 = 5

21) Kolar [ ] A) Himachal Pradesh
22) Biggest oil refinery in India [ ] B) Andhra Pradesh
23) Benaras Hindu University [ ] C) Karnataka
24) Bhakra Nangal Project [ ] D) Chennai
25) Highest density [ ] E) Mathura
F) Kanyakumari
G) Delhi
H) Varanasi

26) Organised Sector [ ] A) growth of towns
27) Disguised unemployment [ ] B) new HYV Paddy seeds
28) Urbanisation [ ] C) zero Productivity
29) Small land holdings [ ] D) agricultural problem of India
30) First Five Year Plan [ ] E) growth of villages
F) development of agricultural sector
G) engineering goods
H) industrial problem.

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