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10th Class English Model Question Paper – English Medium Paper 2

Tenth Class English Model Paper (Paper II)
Third Language - English Medium
Time: 2.30 Hours - Maximum Marks: 50

Section - I
(1-5) Read the passage given below. Then answer the questions that follow it. Write the answers in your answer book. 5 × 1 = 5
“As you know I married in haste and later regretted it. I had heard that if certain expenses were paid, I could get my freedom. This meant a lot to me, so I thought of asking for Sir Charles’ help. I wrote to him making an appointment. But finally I did not go as I received help in the interval from another source,” she said.
(Sir Arthur Conan Doyle:
The Hound of the Baskervilles)
1. Who is the speaker? Whom did he/ she marry in haste?
2. How did he/ she suffer because of his/ her hasty decision?
3. What did the person mean by ‘freedom’? What were the
expenses to be paid?
4. What kind of help did the person expect from Sir
Charles? How did Sir Charles suffer when the appointment
was not kept?
5. Who is the listener?

(6-10) Read the passage given below. Then answer the
questions that follow it. Write the answers in your
answer book. 5 × 1 = 5
At lunch he spoke rudely to his father, spilled Jannie’s milk
and remarked that his teacher said that we were not to take
the name of the Lord in vain.
‘How was school today?’ I asked elaborately casual.
‘All right,’ he said.
‘Did you learn anything?’ his father asked.
Laurie regarded his father coldly. ‘ I didn’t learn nothing,’ he
(Charles: Shirley Jackson)
6. Who is the ‘I’ in the passage? Who is the ‘he’?
7. What is it that his teacher said they shouldn’t unnecessarily
8. What did the narrator say when Laurie said –‘I didn’t
learn nothing’?
9. Who is Laurie? What could be his age?
10. What is the meaning of the word ‘coldly’?

(11-19) Answer FIVE questions, choosing at least TWO from each set. 5 × 2 = 10
11. ‘Did you see Barrymore in the loft?’ Who asks this question?
Whom does he address? Why does he ask the question?
12. Who was Selden? Why was he on the moor?
13. Why did Holmes feel that Sir Henry had made a wise decision in deciding to go to his ancestral home?
14. Why did Laura Lyons help Stapleton in his evil plan?
15.Why did Holmes stay in the stone hut on the hill?

16. What are the two examples Durrell gives to prove that
man is capable of exterminating even the largest conglomerations
of animals?
17. Why did M.N.Srinivas feel claustrophobic? What did he
do to free himself from the feeling?
18. Why did Maxwell feel that Pitcher was losing his mind?
19. Why does Martin Luther King call himself a ‘trustee’?

(20-21) Rearrange the scrambled sentences in each set
(A&B) to form a meaningful paragraph. Do not copy
the actual sentences in your answer-book. Write
only the letters corresponding to the sentences in
the proper order. 2 × 2 1/2 = 5

20. (a) Earth and Venus have very similar size and mass, and
they orbit the Sun close to the Sun in very similar orbits.
(b) Well, perhaps you could consider it the Earth's evil twin.
(c) The size of Venus is only 650 km less than the size of Earth,
and the mass of Venus is 81.5% the mass of the Earth.
(d) Venus really is the Earth's twin.
(e) But that's where the similarities end.

21. (a) "Hey," he yelled, "I thought your dog doesn't bite!"
(b) Just then, the dog bit the mailman.
(c)"He doesn't," replied the boy, "but that's not my dog."
(d) "No," replied the boy.
(e) The mailman said to the boy, "Does your dog bite?"

22. Read the following advertisement which appeared in a
newspaper. 5
Write a mail/ letter to the above address applying for the job, asking details that you may consider necessary.
23. Read the following dialogue. Then write a paragraph expressing your views on the topic discussed in the dialogue. 5
A: Why didn’t you come to school today? Didn’t you know we were supposed to write an exam today?
B: I know! A stupid English exam! I don’t want to waste my time on such things. I was preparing for the more important exams-Mathematics and Sciences.
A: How can you treat English so lightly? English carries weight in most competitive exams IELTS, GRE, GMAT, TOEFL, ICET, CAT and others-whether you pursue higher studies in India or abroad. Even employment opportunities become bleak if you lack fluency in English…
(24-25) Read the newspaper report given below:
Two boys debarred for copying in exam Hyderabad: March 19: Two boys Ashish and Anuj were disqualified for writing the ongoing SSC exams and expelled from the examination hall when they were caught copying. The boys had brought pages torn from a guide and were caught while passing them to other students. The DEO cautioned the students and warned them that students found indulging in such practices would be severely dealt with.

24. Imagine you were one of the students in the examination hall in which the incident occurred. Write a letter to your friend in Chennai, expressing your views regarding what you think makes students indulge in copying, what they lose by doing so and how they can be dissuaded from doing so. 10

25. Imagine you were the invigilator in the room in which the incident occurred and write a letter to the DEO suggesting measures to prevent such incidents from happening in future. 5

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