Subject-Wise Mock Tests

గ్రూప్ 2 మెయిన్స్

Mock Test Package
Telugu Medium

Total Mock Tests: 30
Total Questions - 4500

గ్రూప్ 3 మెయిన్స్

Mock Test Package
Telugu Medium
Total Mock Tests: 20
Total Questions -3000

కరెంట్ అఫైర్స్

Mock Test Package
Telugu Medium
Mock Test
Total Questions - 1000


When I Get my exams after purchase?

After successful purchase, you will get all the exams at a go to your email WITHIN A MINUTE. You will also get your login ID and password to your email WITHIN A MINUTE.

How may times i can attempt each exam?

There is no limit on the attempts. You can attempt the exams as many times as possible. In fact, it is recommended to attempt exams repeatedly for optimum use of the package.

When my exam package expires?

Your exams (except POWER PASS package) will be active till the completion of the exams concerned by Govt.  Validity will be automatically extended if the exam is postponed by the Government. You need not pay again if the exam is postponed.

Can i practice on mobile phone?

Yes, all the online exams are mobile friendly. You can practice on your phone or laptop, desktop etc.

Do you provide printed material?

We are not offering any printed material at the moment. All the packages are meant for online practice only.

What if I didn't get my exams after purchase?

The purchase and exams delivery system is completely automated. In case if you didn’t get the exams to your email, we will refund the amount without any questions.

Why Our Mock Tests?

Mock Tests offered by us are prepared by the subject experts with extensive experience in the field of competitive exams. 

For any inquiries please email

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Telangana: India Vidya, Road No.2, KPHB Phase - 4, Hyderabad.

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