Difference between CSE and CSSE in Engineering

Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) and Computer Science and Systems Engineering (CSSE) are more or less similar in curriculum and content and don’t have much difference. In Andhra Pradesh, Sri Vidya Niketan Engineering College, Tirupati is the only college offering B. Tech. in CSSE. Job opportunities also will be good for this branch if the students excel in core topics of the subject.

As a whole, job scenario has been changing with respect to software industry. About 30 percent of Mechanical Engineering students are entering into software industry. There are comparatively fewer opportunities for Chemical Engineering students. Students should remember that there are plenty of opportunities for candidates with higher qualifications. Aptitude for Research and Development is essential to compete with professionals in foreign countries. You can grab higher rank jobs through pursuing M. Tech, Ph.D. and Post- Doctoral research.

Courses after Bioinformatics: There are no such courses at B.E. / B. Tech. level in Andhra Pradesh. Vellore Institute of Science and Technology (VIT) and Satyabhama Institute of Technology (Deemed University) are offering courses in Bioinformatics. Students should have good knowledge of Physics. It is very essential for protein modeling. Students also require sufficient understanding of Chemistry and Technology. Companies and Research Organisations are absorbing Bioinformatics students as they require candidates with knowledge in technology and core subjects like Maths, Physics and Chemistry.

Local – Non Local Reservations: In Engineering admissions, authorities follow Local and Non- local reservations. Non-local candidates can be allotted a maximum of 15 percent of seats. But it does not mean that 15 percent seats are reserved for them. Local students also can join in those seats on the basis of merit. Similarly, woman students have 30 percent seats in engineering admissions. But male candidates also can get the seats meant for female candidates through merit.

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