Here are time management tips for AP - SSC Public Exams for English Subject. The tips are useful for Telangana SSC students as well.

1) Read Part-A thoroughly and answer the questions.
2) Every detail covered in the Text Book should be understood and practised.
3) Practise Grammar part.
4) Budget the time and manage it wisely so that haste does not spoil Paper Presentation.
5) As the majority of the Question Paper is objective type, never miss the serial order of the answering.

6) Divide allotted time as per the sections.
7) Answers should be brief and up to the point.
8) Answers should be logical and should explain only what is asked.
9) Express the thoughts clearly and use rich vocabulary.
10) Use good and relevant quotes and phrases in Creative Writing Section.

11) Attempt the question paper in a sequence.
12) Don't try to write lengthy answers.
13) Neat and legible hand-writing, leaving space between the answers and underlining value points has a positive impact on the evaluator.

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