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What Specialisation is Good in Biotechnology

Here is a question from a student of Biotechnology from Indore. He asks, I want to know various branches in Biotechnology and the top colleges in India? The answer for this question is here: There are several branches which are directly and indirectly related to biotechnology. Genetics, biochemistry, Animal Biotech, plant biotech, bioinformatics Chemical engineering are some of these branches.

Bioinformatics is the most important field among all these branches. Nowadays, so many students are opting for it at Graduation level. But remember that its always better to do B.Sc in a core subject, which increase the strength of a student in a particular area. As you have completed your graduation with Bioinformatics, it is better to continue with the same.

As per as the future concerns, there are jobs available in the industry and Research and Development sectors for Bioinformaticians. But the scope is not much wide. The competition is too high in this field and the candidate should be a good programmer as well as understanding should be good in Biology. The other option for you is to shift to IT sector completely.

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1 thought on “What Specialisation is Good in Biotechnology

  1. YA

    Please i want to know how far u can go with a bsc in biotechnology and molecular my school it has been put under the fuculty of i want to know whether i can switch to the human aspect after undergraduate.and some of the topics to be studied at level 100


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