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What After Plus 2 / Inter BiPC – Education Choices

The basic options lies for a BiPC student is to move forward for B.Sc , Integrated M.Sc or some medical allied courses. Now question is considering the present scenario which is the best option for a student. In B.Sc there are several options to choose, such as, core subject like botany, zoology, physiology, physics or chemistry or choosing bit applied subject like biotechnology, microbiology, pharmaceutical chemistry, agricultural biotechnology, industrial microbiology or biotechnology.

But it is cumbersome and confusing for students as well as for their parents to opt the right subject out of these many subjects. Out of these core subjects no doubt physics or chemistry is the best option where the student can later on move to the field of organic chemistry, biochemistry or biophysics in his future career. But to move in that stream the student should be interested to learn mathematics and statistics. But as we know most of the bio students are not interested to learn maths and stats therefore, they don’t want to opt for core physics or chemistry and looses a golden chance for growing fast after 5-10 years in their career. There are several interdisciplinary fields related to biology are flourishing and growing very fast but the scope for a chemistry or guy is still more rather a core average biology fellow.

1. Core Subjects: Opting core zoology, physiology or botany is useful when a student and his / her family is dedicated to devote several years so that the student can get enough time to fetch a Ph.D or postdoctoral degree and establish himself/herself as a true expert in the subject. But to achieve fast growth financially at the initial stage of the career after graduation is quite hard with the core subjects. Physiology provides some opportunity after masters where recruitment is still open for a Master in Physiology in several medical colleges with a very good pay scale or he/she choose to move to some physiology related or medical related areas later on.

2. Applied Subjects: Applied subjects like biotechnology, microbiology and pharmaceutical chemistry are gaining importance on a regular basis. But here also same caution should be taken by the student as well as by their parents. Just taking admission in a professional course (Biotech, Micro or Pharmaceutical Chemistry) in B.Sc is not going to fetch anything, immediate future planning is required in the present scenario because a B.Sc Biotech person has to go for masters and then compete with the B.Tech Biotech person who have saved already one year and technically well equipped due to the more professional syllabus and training. Pharmaceutical chemistry could be a better option where the student has to compete with B.Pharm students but as they have more specialized syllabus they can seek better recruitment in companies or research institutes.

3. Allied Medical Courses: These courses are having more temporary opportunities. The person can start earning early with a degree in Physiotherapy, Lab technology but in a long race the chances keeps on diminishing. Better farfetched career cannot be obtained with this kind of degree but with good professionalism good amount of money could be earned for a well trained person.

4. Integrated M.Sc. Courses: Integrated M.Sc is no doubt a good option, where a student saves his/her time in career and these kind of courses are either directly available in the Universities or in the research oriented institutes, so as far as training is concern they got the best one in the industry and most of the times with direct better recruitment. If a person want to opt for further career, it’s better to opt for Integrated Ph.D rather than integrated M.Sc. As after M.Sc again someone has to look for Ph.D, they have to cross several hurdles once more; therefore, integrated Ph.D reduces that extra trouble and makes the career moves very smooth.

But finally the whole aspect depends on the student’s interest and vision towards life and career and the financial condition of the family to sustain and support to pursue their kid’s dream. Irrespective of the fields or subject it can be said, there is always place for the best in the subject, sooner or later.

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8 thoughts on “What After Plus 2 / Inter BiPC – Education Choices

    1. admin

      It all depends on your interests. If you are interested in Medicine and allied science, you need to appear for Medical Entrance Examinations such as EAMCET, NEET - UG (from 2013), AIPMT and other medical entrance exams conducted by AFMC, AIIMS etc. If you like to go for research in sciences, Integrated M.Sc. courses of IISc, IISERs, Central Universities etc are good choice. Chemistry is also a rewarding career if you can pursue till research courses.

  1. saba

    hi plz tell me if pharmacy is better option to do or there is no scope of job after completing degree..I live in hyderabad,AP and i'm the 1st bi.p.c std in my family so hel me out of this....wat shld i do.????

    1. admin

      Pharmacy is a best course provided you get a seat in a reputed institute like NIPER. You may not be satisfied with the opportunities after degree. It is highly recommended to go for higher courses / research to get rewards from Pharmacy career. Institutes such as NIPER, IICT, CDRI etc are providing best opportunities for training and research in Pharmacy. So, if you are aiming for a career in Pharmacy, aim for joining in a good institute. Other things fallows later.

  2. Monika

    hi plz tell me if pharmacy is better option to do or there is no scope of job after completing degree..I live in hyderabad,AP and i had completed my 2nd yr(bi.p.c) ….wat shld i do.??

    1. admin

      Pharmacy is a good course provided you join in a good institute. You should not expect a higher grade job after B.Pharmacy. You must pursue M.Pharmacy and Ph.D. from institutes such as NIPER etc.

  3. Ch.Ravinder

    Good evening sir,Pl tell me which courses are better after inter Bipc in all over india excluding of Pharmacy


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