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Vacation Activity for Engineering Aspirants

Even though the students may come out from the packed time schedule of intermediate course, they may not ignore the time management. While enjoying the summer, keep some time for your future academics. Improve your academic skills for better adjustment in the Engineering Course. Depending upon your rank select few probable colleges in which you are going to get suitable branch, through internet look into the 1st year course content. It will be ideal and also wise to have a basic knowledge about the 1st year subjects before joining the particular college. This will give some confidence from the beginning of the course. This promotes the fast adjustment with the new environment.

The subjects will vary from one University to other. But few subjects are common to all branches in the first year. One may divide them as science and humanities and Engineering subjects.

In science and humanities most of the universities are having the Maths, Physics, and Chemistry, English and Environmental sciences. While in Engineering side the subjects are computer programming, Engineering Drawing, Electron Device and Circuits, Engineering Mechanics and Electronic Circuit analysis. Computer programming and English Communication have become essential for all branches of Engineering.

Utilize these three months time in a suitable manner. How?

1) Join short term course in computers.
2) Read English news papers, and science magazines.
3) Get training in spoken English and learn grammar.
4) Browse internet and search information of the colleges and the course content.
5) Keep refreshing some useful topics in the Maths, Physics and Chemistry.

Learn basic skills of computer and operation of key board. Understanding ā€˜Cā€™ and 'C++ā€™ programming is advantageous to score well in the Computer Programming subject.

Soft skills and personality development is becoming essential part along with the Engineering course. Most of the Engineering Colleges have added English Communication labs for the development of student communication skills. In the intermediate most of the students one giving less weightage to the language languages compared with the group subjects (Physics, Maths, Chemistry, Biology).

For Telugu medium students, it is strongly suggested to concentrate on the English learning in these three months time, because medium of instruction in English in all professional colleges. It is observed, the Telugu medium students (at inter level) are getting 20 to 25% less marks than their original caliber in the first year Engineering. This is due to lack of subject reproducibility at the examination and unable to grasp the subject in the class room. To avoid these problems it is advisable to read English newspaper and magazines and attend spoken English classes in the summer.

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