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UPSC Engineering Services – IES Preparation and Success Tips

For success in Engineering Services Exam (UPSC -ESE) a candidate is required to have excellent fundamentals in the core subjects, along with thorough update on general awareness, current affairs and no less, all the traits of matured personality. There are number of useful books for each subject in the examination. Following subsequent points will be worth mentioning and aspirants should necessarily keep a note of the same viz:

Important Tips for ESE

1. Plan for 8-9 months of dedicated studies for ESE.
2. Choose study material carefully and use best source of study material.
3. In order to score high in ESE exam candidate should be able to solve objective questions quickly for which formulae and theory should be at tips. Thorough revision is the key.
4. In subjective question paper, comprehensive understanding of theory, concepts and numerical are very important.
5. In subjective question paper, writing style do matters a lot. Not only correct answer is important but to explain it is equally important. It is key differentiator for being in top rankers.
6. Practice in advance for developing writing skills in subjective papers.
7. Do practice previous year question papers and analyze the topics which you are weak at and concentrate more on those topics. Always try to solve the papers in given time to obtain the idea as how many questions you are able to solve in given time limit.
8. ESE is predictable exam with not much innovation . Going through previous ten years paper in detail can be great help.
9. Give importance to both theory and numerical problems.
10. Carefully go through the ESE syllabus and spent significant time on topic with more weightage and give more importance to those topics. (Refer to subjects and respective weightage in this article)
11. Group Study is also effective way to brush up your knowledge about technical topics, in this process you might explore new techniques and new method of problem solving which will lead to the understanding of the subject in a better way.
12. Traditional methods to solve numerical problems are time taking, try to adopt short cut techniques to save the time.
13. Try to prepare notes after studying that particular topic, initially it may seem to be time consuming but it will be useful in revising the topics at final stage.
14. Make the formula list of all subjects that helps in revision of the subject.
15. A good systematic coaching of national repute with excellent past results can be of a great help due to expertise of faculty and pedagogy.
16. A systematic proven coaching will help in facilitating a conducive environment for preparation and test series will give an fair standing of the candidate's standing  among other test takers.
17. Aspirants from rural and vernacular background need to upgrade their language skills and writing skills from very beginning for scoring high in subjective papers and personality test.
18. Prepare for general awareness and current affairs in advance. General Awareness paper can be a key differentiators for students seeking top ranks.
19. Scoring high at personality test (Interview for 200 marks) is also very important to score overall high rank and to secure top position. Seeking professional guidance is recommended.
20. Couple of simulated mock interviews with expert panel can help scoring high in personality test.

The core purpose of the write up is to make a budding engineer aware of career choices including distinguished Indian Engineering Services (IES). This write up is intended to present a very pragmatic and crystal-clear view of clearing Engineering Services Examination (ESE) and thereby achieving coveted Indian Engineering Services (IES). It was our endeavor to motivate aspirants to make a judicious choice in their career by choosing IES and thus responsibly contribute to society.

We wishes you All the Best for your Preparation for Indian Engineering Services (IES)

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