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UPSC Civils Tips for Working Professionals – Part 3

Civil Services Examination is highly reputed examination in India. There is increasing number of working professionals appearing for UPSC Civil Services Exam. Particularly there are number of B.Techs showing interest on Civils. Best strategy for B.Techs is discussed in Part 1 of the Article. Following are the most useful tips for Civil Services Preparation. Working professionals should be aware of time factor in the preparation time. They should asses themselves regularly. These issues are discussed in Part 2 of the Civils Preparation Plan. Here are some more useful tips for working professionals who want to succeed in UPSC Civils.

1) Strengthen your ambition of clearing the Civil Services examination by thinking about the advantages of getting into the civil services. Think of the status, the prestige and the security. Imagine yourself in police uniform. Don’t you think you deserve the honour?

2) Understand that you are in a better position than a candidate who is fresh graduate. He might have more time than you. But you are more mature and you are settled. Psychological maturity which a job provides and emotional security which the feeling of being settled provides is a great asset for any one appearing for the examination.

3) You have far better resources than the fresh graduates who are unemployed. They have to ask their parents for money and many a time they feel guilty, you do not have to. It is your hard earned money which you are investing in your passion.

4) It is always better to allocate early morning for your preparation. No body disturbs you, there will be no distractions like T.V.., and you cannot be late. In case you fix the evening hours and late nights for study you will find that in most cases you are not able to stick to your schedule as the private sector as opening timings for the office but no closing timings.

5) Postpone all social engagements. Attend only to the most necessary ones. Agreed, people may be unhappy or you may imagine that people will be unhappy. It is better that they are unhappy rather than you being unhappy in future.

6) Save all the casual leaves etc. which your company gives you. Use all of them before the examination. Do not apply for leave on flimsy grounds now.

7) Try to use your lunch time or free time in office reading official websites of the government of India/States. You will get a wealth of information.

8) In case you also have to do jobs like cooking for yourself, try to listen to programmes on All India Radio like ‘spot light’. These programmes are broadcasted at a specific hour and you can may be adjust your time table.

Lastly, remember that a journey of a thousand leagues begins with a single step. Take the first step today.

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