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University of North Virginia-UNVA Visa Fraud – Indian and Andhra Pradesh Students Info

Here comes another Tri Valley University from United States of America (USA). With the US authorities latest raids on University of Northern Virginia (UNVA) on the charges of VISA fraud, many of the students from India, mostly from the southern state of Andhra Pradesh are likely to experience distress. It is estimated that out of total number of 2400 students in the University of North Virgina, about 90 percent of them are from India. The number of students to be effected from Andhra Pradesh is yet to be estimated. the UNVA is located in Annandale, Virginia, the suburbs of Washington. The most disheartening fact about UNVA episode is that India students keep on joining this institution despite UNVA lost its accreditation in 2003 itself. The University name on the website was mentioned as University of Northern Virginia.

The US authorities including dozens of officials from different federal agencies such as Immigration and Customs Enforcement and FBI have raided all the offices at the University of Northern Virginia's Annandale campus. The authorities took away a large number of boxes filled with important documents and computer hard drives from the administrative section of the University. During January 2011, the US authorities had conducted similar raids and shut down Tri-Valley University in California on the charges of massive immigration fraud. The Tri Valley incident has effected the careers of over 1500 Indian students, then too most of the students are from Andhra Pradesh. The University has student portal at where you need to login to get the details of students. Some of the students are coming out through Facebook to express their grievances.

Officials from ICE's Student and Exchange Visitor Programme (SEVP) have disclosed that the ICE has served University of North Virgina (UNVA) with a Notice of Intent to Withdraw (NOIW) UNVA's authorisation to admit foreign students. The university is believed to have sanctioned admissions to a total of 2400 students, out of which more than 2000 students are from India. The authorities have also confirmed that the overwhelming majority of the students are from Andhra Pradesh. The UNVA has issued and enrolled a huge number of students than its authorised numbers. The UNVA is authorised to issue I-20 form to about 50 students only but the number gone out of bounds. The University website is . The University has also displayed some messages regarding raids of US authorities.

Chancellor of the University issued a Statement saying that the UNVA shall conduct classes as scheduled and informed through the website that as long as students attend classes as required they will continue to remain in status. UNVA is offering Under Graduate Programmes in Information Technology, Business Administration and Block Transfer Programme. It also offer various MBA specialisations along with online programs (MBA and DBA), Ph.D., Non Degree courses etc.

Contact Address and Number of the University: Address: 7601 Little River Turnpike, Annandale, VA 22003, USA.

Administration office: 7535 Little River Turnpike, Suite# 103, Annandale, VA 22003. Phone: 703- 941- 0949 - Fax: 703-941-0893 - E-mail: .

International Student Affairs Phone Number: (703) 941-0949 ext. 129.

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