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TOEFL to test English Proficiency

The Test of English as a Foreign Language - TOEFL - iBT (Internet Based Test) is taken by students who are interested in furthering their academic careers and want to prove their proficiency in North - American English. The TOEFL test consists of 4 important areas: 1. Speaking ability  2. Listening ability  3. Reading, and 4. Writing abilities. The maximum duration of time allowed to take the TOEFL test is 4 hours. Scores will be reported online fifteen working days after the test.

Key tips to succeed in Test of English as a Foreign Language: 1. Should improve writing skills. 2. Review reading passages that frequently occur on the TOEFL test. 3. Should improve vocabulary. 4. Be familiar with the TOEFL test pattern. 5. Should practice intensely for the listening test on the TOEFL test. 6. Select one answer per question. Do not leave any question blank.

Books for preparation: Kaplan TOEFL iBT, Cambridge preparation for the TOEFL TEST.
Test Fee: US $165.
Website: OR

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