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Tenth Social Important Questions and Answers

Q. Write a short note on Sukarno
A. Sukarno:  Sukarno was a great statesman of Indonesia.  He was the founder of Indonesian National Party.  Sukarno led the National struggle in Indonesia against the Dutch in 1927. The Dutch Government imprisoned Sukarno for this. Sukarno was the head of collobaration government when Japan invaded Indonesia in 1941.  Sukarno established the Republic in Indonesia on 17 August 1945. Later he became the president of Indonesia in 1950. 1 MARK QUESTIONS
Q. What is the full form of U.N.E.S.C.O.
A. United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organisation.
Q. What is the full form of N.A.T.O.
A. North Atlantic Treaty Organisation
Q. What is meant by 'Apartheid'?
A. Apartheid was a policy of racial segregation followed by south African white Government. Mr Nelson Mandela was successful in the abolition of Apartheid in South Africa.
Q. What the full form of P.L.O.
A. Palestine Liberation Organisation.
1) NATO was signed on --- in washington
2) The Aswan High Dam was constructed by --
3) The supreme Allied commander during the second world war was ----
4) New Deal programme was introduced by ---
5) Congo became independent an ----
6) ---- conducted the historic Long March in 1934
7) Present name of South Rhodesia is ----
8) Panchasheel was concluded between India and ----
9) ---- was the communist leader and president of North Vietnam
10) Cuban crisis took place in ----
ANSWERS: 1) 4th April 1949, 2) Abdel Nasser of Egypt, 3) Dwight D.Eisenhower, 4) F.D. Roosevelt, 5) 30th June 1960, 6) Mao Tse tung
7) Zimbabwe, 8) China, 9) Ho- Chi- Minh, 10) 22nd October 1962

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