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The Government of Telangana has decided to take measutes to promote Telugu language in all walk of life. The focus will be on implementing Telugu as compulsory subject till Intermediate in all the state run and recognised schools in Telangana.

The Chief Minister of Telangana has ordered all the schools and colleges offering 10+2 and recognised by the Government of Telangana have to offer Telugu as a compulsory subject. Those schools and colleges disregarding the order shall be de-recognised by the Government.

The schools do not have any option in implementing this rule. The Government has also proposed to prescribe same text books for all the schools by Sahitya Academy. It was also directed that all the commercial establishments in the state have to display sign boards in Telugu apart from other languages of their choice.

The decisions will be approved in the cabinet meeting to be conducted soon. The Government will also amend the laws concerned if required in order to implement the decision on the promotion of Telugu language.

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