Marrs Spelling Bee Competitions are conducted at various levels. The school level championship is the basic round and will usually cover the following topics for various categories.

Syllabus for Category I and II:

1) Written Round: Dictation, Identify the Correct Spelling
2) Oral Round: Spell It

Syllabus for Category III, IV, V and VI:

1) Written Round: Dictation, Jumbled Letters
2) Oral Round: Spell It

The standard of the questions will depend upon the class and age of the student. They usually provide study material for each level at a price. They also conduct oral training sessions on payment.

Categorisation of Participants:

Category I: Class 1
Category II: Class 2
Category III: Class 3 and 4
Category IV: Class 5 and 6
Category V: Class 7, 8 and 9
Category VI: Class 10, 11 and 12

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