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Universities get applications from all over the world. In the international admissions department they won’t be able to assure the admissions, scholarships, etc.. for all the qualifying students as they have limited seats, limited funding and Assistantship options.

If student apply to the universities early, there are high chances of admissions from the university. Many universities have separate deadlines for the admission with scholarships they vary from university to university and it is very important to apply well in advance for the scholarship and other waiver options. This kind of assistant ship offers only for Fall intake which is start by September month. It is advisable to the students apply at least 3 months before the deadlines. Student offered funding or assistantships from the university will have better chances to get VISA.

The standard of offer is increased in VISA point of view, when student has offer letter mentioned with Scholarship option. So it is beneficial for the student, not only to get the admission even to get the VISA approval. The funding and scholarships mentioned above are from the universities.

There are other scholarships also available from the government and different organizations. These are very few and are offered to exceptionally good academic students. Of all the countries, USA has more scholarships available and other countries have very few scholarships from the universities.

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