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Here is SSC / 10th Class Social Studies Model Paper 1 for the practice. Students appearing for SSC Public Examinations can use this paper to get good score in Social Studies. Following are some model questions. You can see the complete question paper below these questions.


Note: 1) Answer any FIVE questions, choosing at least two from each group.
2) Each question carries two marks. 5 × 2 = 10


1. What were the resources of Indonesian Islands that attracted Europeans?
2. Describe the results of First World War.
3. Write a note on 'Red Shirts'.
4. What was 'Marshal Plan'? Write about it.


5. What are the objectives of U.N.O.?
6. Differentiate the General Elections and Mid Term Polls.
7. What are the languages recognised by the Indian Constitution?
8. Give an account on the role of woman in the political sphere.


Note: 1) Answer any FOUR of the following six questions.
2) Each question carries one mark. 4 × 1 = 4

9. What is meant by Fascism? Write the origin of the term 'Fascism'
10. Who were the important Bhakti saints?
11. Expand the term 'SWAPO'.
12. What is corruption? What is 'SCAM'?
13. What is meant by 'National Integration'?
14. Differentiate Direct and Indirect Elections.

10th Social Studies Model Paper

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