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Study Plan to Crack CAT after B.Tech.

An aspirant of Management career asked, 'I am studying B.Tech. Second year and like to write CAT after B.Tech. Is it necessary to take coaching for CAT from 2nd B.Tech onwards? How shall I plan my preparation for CAT?'. The answer to this doubt goes here:

It is heartening to note that you have set clear goals with foresight and working towards achieving them. This foresight coupled with your determination shall take you to places. It is not necessary to take coaching for CAT from your 2nd year of B.Tech. Right now it is time for you to study your B.Tech courses well and acquire command over the subject.

Intensive CAT preparation for six months before the examination is recommended for effective result. Hence you should be prepared for hard and smart work during your final year of B.Tech. Since your goal is clear, you can start acquiring the necessary skills and knowledge for CAT during your leisure time. Keep reading good books and magazines. Improve your vocabulary and communication skills. Make it a habit to read magazines on current affairs.

CAT tests candidates on quantitative ability, data interpretation, data sufficiency, logical reasoning, reading comprehension and verbal ability. The duration for test is two and a half hours. Aspirants to take this test should make thorough analysis of their areas of strength and weakness. The best way to get a feel of where you stand is to take a couple of mock tests. Once you understand your areas of weakness, work on them to acquire necessary knowledge and skills.

Since you are determined to appear for CAT and come out as winner, make sure you have a time table for preparation. Implement your preparation plan meticulously. This requires high focus on your goal. As you intensify your preparation, take mock tests periodically and assess your progress. Make sure you are not repeating the same mistakes and ensure your learning is meeting your performance needs. Instead of straining yourself on subject preparation all the time, have some period of relaxation. The best way to relax is by reading good books and magazines.

Acquiring information on current affairs would be useful for group discussion and personal interview. As you reach the final stages, it may be useful to go through a coaching institute and get inputs from a professional trainer on current affairs and on how to crack the personal interview. This would help you to achieve your goal of cracking the CAT.

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