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Study Options after Plus Two-MPC and BPC

Graduation is an important stage for all students. Science students have so many options to choose from after their Intermediate / +2. It is always better to choose Biotechnology, Physics, chemistry and mathematics as these are the core science subjects. Later on a student can shift to any other science subjects in their future if they are strong enough in these three. Even moving towards the higher level life sciences in future is also easy if the student has better background in the three core sciences.

Subject Options for Bi.P.C. Students: Core subject always get the value even though there are so many new subjects are coming in a regular basis. Biochemistry/ Genetics with physics and chemistry are definitely the best combination. As we know, now-a-days there is a craze for Biotechnology and microbiology but it is better in B.Tech level than B.Sc level. So, when the B.Sc student competes with a B.Tech student specifically in Biotechnology, the B.Tech student always remains ahead due to better curriculum and industry oriented practical training.

Moreover, Biotech and microbiology are applied subjects, the students need sufficient hands-on during the course which they do not get in Graduation even in post graduation level. So, taking a core subject like biochemistry or genetics is better in this aspect. Zoology, botany is also okay but industrial value is more for biochemistry and genetics rather than basic zoology or botany.

Options for M.P.C. Students: Physics, chemistry and computer science or electronics is the best option as the student can move towards any technical subject later on. Even in advanced research level these subjects are having their own importance irrespective the stream. There is a huge need of computer science graduates and a constant pool of skilled man power is required in any level of industry and research. So, future job prospect is always good for computer science or electronics graduates.

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