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SSC English Paper 1 and Paper 2 Study Material

Read the passage given below. Then answer the questions that follow it. Write the answers in your answer book. 5 x 1 = 5

He started running down the hill. I wanted to shoot him in the leg but then decided against shooting at an unarmed man. We ran after him but the distance between us was too great. We watched him till he disappeared. We sat down on a rock to rest. At that moment a very strange thing happened.

1. Who are the ‘us’ mentioned in the passage? Who is ‘he’?
2. Where were they? Why were they there?
3. Why was ‘he’ running? Why didn’t the narrator shoot at him?
4. What was the ‘strange thing’ the narrator noticed then?
5. Did they pursue ‘the strange thing’ immediately? Why/why not?


1. The ‘us’ mentioned in the passage are Dr Watson and Sir Henry. ‘He’ is Selden, the escaped convict.
2. They were on the moor. They had come to catch Selden.
3. He was trying to escape being caught. Dr Watson didn’t want to shoot at an unarmed man.
4. Dr Watson noticed a man standing like a statue on the hill, his legs apart and head bowed, as if brooding on the moor.
5. Watson wanted to find who the man was, but Sir Henry didn’t seem to be in a mood for a new adventure, so they returned to Baskerville Hall.

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