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Sr. Inter Zoology Model Paper 2 AP

Intermediate Zoology Paper - II Model Paper
I. (i) Very Short Answer Type Questions. 10 × 2 = 20
(ii) Answer ALL questions.
(iii) Each question carries TWO marks.

1. Distinguish between anagenesis and cladogenesis.
2. Name the subclass of Mammalia in which testes are enclosed in scrotal sacs.
3. What is Bohr effect?
4. What are floating ribs?
5. Distinguish between natural passive immunity and artificial
passive immunity.
6. What is endostyle? What is its function?
7. Distinguish between close breeding and line breeding.
8. Distinguish between biological value and protein efficiency
9. Distinguish between autograft and allograft.
10. What is Klinefelter male?

II . (i) Short Answer Type Questions.
(ii) Attempt any SIX questions.
(iii) Each question carries FOUR marks. 6 × 4 = 24

11. Discuss the objections to the Darwin's theory of Natural Selection.
12. Explain any two viral and two bacterial diseases in poultry.
13. What are monoclonal antibodies ? How are they produced?
14. Describe the structure of Graafian follicle in rabbit.
15. Describe the structure of a sarcomere with a labelled diagram.
16. Explain the simulation experiment conducted to explain the
origin of complex organic molecules from simple molecules.
17. Describe the venom apparatus of snakes.
18. Mention eight important characters of Apoda.

III. (i) Long Answer Questions.
(ii) Attempt any TWO questions.
(iii) Each question carries EIGHT marks. 2 × 8 = 16

19. What is crisscross inheritance? Explain the inheritance of a
sex linked recessive character in human being?
20. Describe the structure and functions of the brain of rabbit.
21. Describe the structure of the heart of rabbit. Draw a neat,
labelled diagram of L.S. of heart.

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