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Shifting from Finance Job to HR Career

It is important for candidates to understand that any MBA without an experience would be of no use. You are only going to spend time and money of your parents than helping them in anyway. Focus on your key competency in terms of the graduation or PG that you have done in any field. Doing a ground work for the courses you are doing through various sources would help. Also build some advisors who understand about the field you are choosing. Not one single person can advise on every field. Here are a few questions by readers and answers to them.

Q1. I have worked as senior audit assistant in a Charted Account's firm for more than 5 years. I have also done P.G. Diploma in Accountancy. Now I have completed my MBA through Andhra University (Distance Mode). I have done my project on H.R specialization. I feel bored with finance related job. Is it better to shift to HR side or to continue in Finance field?

A: You should not be looking at to change just because you are bored of the job.. what is the guarantee that HR would not bore you… as a new person for HR you would still do the basic jobs of HR Administration which are routine and boring… Since you did the HR course through Distance education you… and you want to move to HR you can try as first priority to move into Payroll management which is more related to what you have done or the basic Recruitment jobs, HR Co-ordination… based on the experience in that area you can look at the future jobs in HR.

Q2. I have done M.Sc. (organic chemistry), now pursuing MBA (final) with HR specialization (KU, Warangal). Could you provide information regarding the job opportunities with the combination of both fields. And what kind of further knowledge and skills I have to gain in order get the job in the above field.

A: You have spent many long years in studies (double PG) further knowledge enhancement should be only through practice… If you are focusing on the related combined fields, you should have done your project in a company which uses your Science skills and delivered your HR project… If you have not done the same, I would suggest finding the companies in Pharma /food /biotech related fields and apply through any reference to make sure that you have a better chance of getting opportunity. You need to work on your practical exposure to the HR which can give you an edge over others. The practical exposure could be in the form of an assistant or trainee in any HR department. Review some of the job openings on the jobsites for better understanding.

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