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Senior Inter Chemistry Paper 2 – Model Paper English Version

Intermediate Public Examinations - March 2013
Chemistry - Paper II Model Paper (English Version)
Time: 3 Hours : Maximum Marks: 60
Section - A
Very Short Answer Type Questions

Note: Answer ALL questions. 10 x 2 = 20
1. What are octahedral holes and tetrahedral holes?
2. To which type semi conductors do the following belong?
(a) Germanium doped with Indium,
(b) Silicon doped with Arsenic.
3. Give the sources and deficiency diseases of the vitamins A
and D.
4. Mention the monomers present in (a) Bakelite and (b) Nylon
6, 6.
5. What is Cholesterol?
6. Write one method of preparation of Aspirin.
7. Define Antibiotics? Give 2 examples.
8. What is the EAN of the Central metal in
(a) [Co(NH3)4 Cl2]+
(b) [Ti(H2O)6]+3
9. What is Reimer - Tiemann reaction?
10. What is Chloropicrin? How is it formed from Chloroform?


Note: Answer any SIX questions. 6 $ 4 = 24
11. What are isotonic solutions? 4.6 g of C2H5OH, 16.2 g of H2O
were present in a solution. What is the mole fraction of
12. State Faraday's First Law of electrolysis. Calculate the current
in amperes required to deposit 10.8 g of Ag in 2 hours
from aqueous AgNO3 solution (At. wt. of Ag = 108)
13. Define 'order' and 'molecularity'? Give 2 differences between
14. Give four differences between physical adsorption and
chemical adsorption.
15. Define (a) Enthalpy, (b) Extensive property, (c) Intensive
property, (d) Entropy.
16. Describe the method of extraction of Magnesium metal from
17. Describe an industrial method for the preparation of super
phosphate of lime. Why is it converted to 'triple phosphate of
18. Draw the structures of the following in terms of Werner's theory
(a) CoCl3. 6 NH3, (b) CoCl3.5 NH3, (c) CoCl3.4 NH3 and
(d) CoCl3.3 NH3.


Note: Answer any TWO questions. 2 $ 8 = 16
19. How Ozone is prepared in the laboratory by Brodie's
Ozonizer? Give the reactions of Bleaching powder with the
(a) Cold Water, (b) Insufficient amount of dilute acid, (c)
Excess of dilute acid, (d) Ethyl alcohol.
20. State and explain Le - Chatlier's principle. Apply the same to
the equilibrium.
N2(g) + 3 H2(g) 2 NH3(g) Δ H = -92 KJ
21. Write one method of preparation of Nitro Benzene. What are
the products formed when Nitro Benzene undergoes reduction
(a) Acid medium, (b) Alkaline medium, (c) Neutral medium.

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