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Senior Inter Botany Question Paper 2 – Model Paper

Following is the Botany Model Paper (Paper 2) for Senior Intermediate students of Andhra Pradesh. Maximum marks for the exam is 60 and duration is 3 hours.

Section - A
I. Answer ALL the questions in sequence. (10 × 2 = 20)
1. Which type of conjugation in Spirogyra is considered dioecious
and which type monoecious?
2. Name the nitrogen fixing organisms seen in coralloid roots of Cycas.
3. In which food do you find lactic acid bacteria? Mention their
useful applications.
4. What is imbibition? Why do pea seeds show more imbibition than wheat grains?
5. Define trace elements. Give two examples.
6. Which substance is termed as 'energy currency of a cell'. How
many kilocalories are produced on its hydrolysis?
7. Name the pigment present in root nodules of legumes and montion its function.
8. What is emasculation? Mention its importance.
9. What are molecular scissors? Where are they obtained from?
10. Name the spore bearing structures of basidiomycotina fungi.
What type of spores they produce?

II. Answer any SIX questions. 6 × 4 = 24

11. Distinguish between homothallism and heterothallism in Rhizopus.
12. Describe the structure of Pteris prothallus.
13. Write short notes on the most common method of reproduction
in bacteria.
14. Mention the differences between lytic and lysogenic cycles.
15. Describe briefly the mechanism of stomatal opening and closing.
16. Explain the role of auxins and gibberellins in agriculture and
17. Write a short note on nitrogen fixation.
18. Enumerate the applications of plant tissue culture technique.

III. Answer any TWO questions. 2 × 8 = 16

19. Describe the internal structure of Funaria capsule.
20. With the help of biochemical reactions explain the various
phases of photosynthetic carbon reduction occurring in the C3 plants.
21. What is hybridization and describe the procedure of hybridization.

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