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Sciences as an alternative for Engineering and Medicine

With general stream specifically Bioscience related subject takes a lot of time to settle down for a person, more often to settle down the candidate with excellent performance touches the age mark of 34 or more, where as a fellow with professional courses settle down at the age of 25 or so. There is lots of difference in terms of financial benefit too. But it is believed that proper planning and better financial support at the initial stage of the career will aid fast settlement in career and near 40 years both the fellow (professionally educated and general stream student) may be place them in equivalent position both professionally and financially.

Integrated M.Sc. followed by PhD with the support of CSIR, DBT or DST fellowship, later post doc exposure is enough to get into a good R and D lab to become a scientist. Integrated Ph.D. after graduation might be the best option as it will save the age and provide more exposure to the candidate and help to settle down with a better prospect.

To summarize the answer it is up to the candidate and parents to choose whether he / she will opt for science as a career. We suggest them to go for science since India need more number of scientists in all fields as its number is not crossing 1.3 lakhs against the number of 8 lakhs in China. Sky is the limit to Indian scientist with all fringe benefits. For short term benefits students need not look at the above options.

The career route is not smooth always, be it professional or general stream. In both the cases competition is too much and little bit failure at any point of time may spoil the whole career. Therefore, caution should be taken at every step. But there is a scope for the above mentioned route is a person can get security in his life once he receives some permanent position but obtaining a permanent position in a professional career and in corporate world is nearly impossible though monthly or annual earning may be much better. So it’s a personal decision whether to opt for more and quick money or long term secure profession with the freedom to do your own research. Undoubtedly UG, PG Doctoral and Post doc is the golden pathway. Even if the candidate is average level he can certainly pick up once he enter into stream.

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