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Scholastic Aptitude Test for Undergraduate Admissions

SAT - Scholastic Aptitude Test is a compulsory exam to get undergraduate admission into any under graduate college of North America. The SAT is developed and administered by College Entrance Examination Board, an USA based organisation. This College Board sets the questions, conducts the test and sends each examinee the final score report. High school juniors and seniors shall take the SAT exam. The test will measure critical thinking skills of each student for the success in their under graduation programs. SAT exam is being conducted seven times in a year.

Two Exams: There are two SAT exams namely SAT I and SAT II.
1. SAT I: This is structured as a reasoning test. It basically tests students verbal, mathematical and reasoning abilities.
2. SAT II: This is a subject test and it is intended to test the candidates knowledge of specific subject. The subject will be opted by the candidate. SAT examination is more of objective multiple choice questions based. Some schools and colleges expect candidates to clear more subject tests.

Register Online: Candidates shall either take the SAT reasoning test or shall take up to three SAT subject tests on the given test date. Candidates aspiring to take the test can register online, by mail, or also by telephone. Candidate has to register at least three weeks before the test date. Many universities in the US use SAT score as a way of assessing students coming from schools using different grade, class and division system. Almost every college in USA accepts SAT score to admit students.

Useful Books for SAT: The official SAT Guide- The College Board, Princeton Review – Cracking the SAT,  Kaplan SAT.
Test Fee: US $94.
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