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SBI Posts General Awareness

1. To bring Transparency and Public Accountability, the UPA government made serious attempts to float many public institutions.
Pick up correct one?
a. Large number of legislations govern financial sector are very old and they have more ambiguity as they passed in the different time.
b. The government will establish the Financial Sector Legislative Reforms Commission to rewrite and clean up the financial sector
c. UIDAI will get Rs. 1900 Cr.
d. IT projects like Tax information Net Work, National treasury Management Agency etc will be established
e. A symbol of Indian rupee will be framed to get distinguishing identity in international arena
1. a b c d 2. b c d e 3. a c d e 4. c d 5. a b c d e

2. Few corporate giants established or intend to establish the world class level institute/institutes in the various Places in India . Find the correct one?
a. Reliance Industries - Mumbai or Delhi
b. Aditya Birla group - Bangalore
c. Vedanta Group - Orissa
d. Tata Institute of Fundamental Research - Hyderabad
e. Reddy Labs - Jammu
f. Bajaj Group - Kolkata
1. a b c d 2. b c d e 3. c d e 4. a c e 5. a b c d e f

3. “World Ozone Day” was observed on September 16 recently. It is celebrated on this date every year to commemorate the signing of which of the following in 1987?
1. New Delhi Convention
2. Berlin Convention
3. Montreal Protocol
4. Kyoto Protocol
5. Bonn Convention

4. The Union government has decided to provide full interest subsidy on education loans taken by students for approved courses in
recognised technical and professional institutions in the country. What is the ceiling of annual parental income for eligibility for the
interest subsidy?
1. Rs 2.8 lakh per annum
2. Rs 1.6 lakh per annum
3. Rs 9 lakh per annum
4. Rs 5.5 lakh per annum
5. Rs 4.5 lakh per annum

5. A country is agreed to set up a working group with India on climatic change, which held the annual Meetings reiterating the United Nations Frame Work convention on Climate Change? it is?
1. China 2. U.S.A 3. Brazil 4. Sweden 5. Russia

6. Which nuclear submarine given to India on lease basis by Russia?
1. Akula 2. Apsara 3. Nerpa 4. Kudumkallam 5. Kalpakam

7. PEHACHAN cards are issued for the beneficiaries of ………., the first of its kind in India, issued in Bangalore by the union minister of Labour Mallikarjun Karge.

8. Central Government declared new liberalized policy in Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) Norms for micro and small enterprises (MSEs)
replacing the current 24 percent ceiling. Which among the following is correct statements regarding this one?
1. increased the limit to 90 %
2. increased the limit to 80 %
3. lifted the ceiling
4. increased the limit to 70%
5. decreased the limit to 15 %

9. Among the following statements, which one is correct regarding XI five year plan?
a. XI five year plan draft was accepted by the chairmanship of Manmohan singh on 8 Nov 2007.
b. XI five year plan outlay is 3644718 Cr. of rupees, almost double than the out lay of X five year plan
c. its outlay is almost double than the out lay of X five year plan
d. Gross Budgetary Support ( GBS) which is center’s support to the plan has been fixed at Rs. 1421711 Cr.
e. In GBS 74.67% will be given to Priority sector and 25.33% will be given for non-priority sector
1. a b c d e 2. b c d e 3. a b e 4. b c d 5. a c d

10. On 10 Jan 2010 32nd National Conferance of All India Kisan Sabha ( AIKS) ended recently in Guntur in A.P. Find the incorrect statement?
1. S.R.Ramachandra Pillai is elected as the president of AIKS
2. The resolution is passed to save the peasants from the wild animals
3. The resolution taken to support the reservation of woman on gender equity basis
4. It asked for the effective management of NREGS and the allied schemes
5. Prime Minister of India promised in this conference for the effective MSP for Agriculture prices

11. Small Scale industries occupy very importance in the total industrial growth. Pick up the wrong one?
1. Medium, Small and Micro Enterprises (MSME) contributes to 8% total GDP
2. This sector amounts to 40 % of total exports in India
3. It provides the direct employment of 28 million
4. 5% total industrial units belong to this sector
5. To develop this sector SIDBI get Rs. 7200 Cr. from union government

12. On 10 Jan 2009, Market Linked Focussed Programme (MLFP) scheme released to give incentives of Rs. 450-500 Cr. of rupees to exporters. Find the incorrect one?
1. This new pack set focus on China, Japan
2. The exports to these countries boosted exports from Labour Intensive industries
3. The exports rose to $ 14.6 billion in December 2009 recorded, a growth of 9.4% over November 2009
4. This scheme not only boost our foreign exchange but employment also
5. This scheme only applicable to the exporters from Gujarat, Rajasthan, Andhra Pradesh and Delhi only

13. On 17 November 2009, Reserve Bank of India released few statistical tables. Pick up the incorrect one?
1. It released the statistical tables relating to banks in India
2. These tables cover bank wise and bank group wise information
3. These tables cover the information such as assets and liabilities
4. Non-performing Assets information is also given
5. The information regarding the world bank loans

14. Who is an Indian born appointed as the Executive Director of IMF?
1. Pradeep Duttha 2. Sonal Sha 3. Aravind Virman 4. Amartya Sen 5. Ranga Rajan

15. Disposable Income means …..?
1. The income incurred by government on the remaining assets other than agriculture, industry and other sectors
2. Income spent on the I.T sector by the government
3. Income from overseas
4. The amount of Current income available to households after the payment of taxes, insurance and pensions 5. The funds of Banks after leaving S.L.R and C.R.R

16. Which book is written by Abhijit Sen?
1. India and Economic down
2. India in the 21st century
3. Industrial Relations in India: shifting Paradigms
4. India and Exports
5. Inflation in the current trends

17. Universal Smile Award conferred on … who made to free cleft lip
1. Tarun Gagoi 2. Naveen patnaik 3. Mayawathi 4. K. Rosaiah
5. Karunanidhi

18. Of the following statements which one is correct regarding the glossary of carbon emission?
1. Under Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) India permitted 1455 projects. We get Carbon Emission Reduction (CER) certificates which can be sold
2. Selling CER , India fetches not less than 6 Billion Dollars. We get 33.7 Billion Dollars due to 1400 projects.
3. One Carbon Credit equal to 1 tonne carbon
4. Carbon credits we get either by carbon set-off or by establishing non-carbon emission projects like solar, wind power projects
5. All of Above

19. Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yozana to link Indian rural roads is running the target behind to complete the schedule of the original
2007-2008. it accomplished only 59 % in the total. The aim pushed to the years of
1. 2012-13 2. 2014-2015 3. 2016-2017 4. 2018-2019 5. 2020-2021

20. Nagaland got Nikhil Kumar as the new Governor. He is the ex police commissioner of
1. Hyderabad 2. Chennai 3. Mumbai 4. Delhi 5. Nagapur.

21. Elinor Ostrom and Olover Williamson won the noble 2009 in the field of Economics. They received this prestigious award as they
did research on ….
1. demand and supply 2. corporate ranking 3. closure of banks 4. international crisis 5. people exercise authority in companies
and corporate systems.

22. In which state, State Bank of India and other banks agreed to provide micro-finance loans to village communities to install solar lightning systems ?
1. Andhra Pradesh 2. Haryana 3. Orissa 4. Uttar Pradesh 5. Goa

1.5 2.1 3.3 4.5 5.1 6.3 7.1 8.3 9.1 10.5 11.4 12.5 13.5 14.3 15.4 16.3 17.1 18.5 19.1 20.4 21.5 22.4.

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