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SBI POs General Awareness Model Questions and Answers

1. Two cities with highest per capita Income in the country are as given. Their per capita incomes are Rs. 1,10,676 and Rs.1,05,582.
They are ….?
1. Delhi, Chandigarh
2. Chandigarh, Goa
3. Mumbai, Chandigarh
4. Chennai, Mumbai
5. Hyderabad, New delhi

2. The 21st edition of Winter Olympics details are given below. Pick up the incorrect statement?
1. These games held between Feb 12 to 28, 2010 at Vancouver, Canada
2. Approximately 2,600 athletes participated. 7 sports and 86 events held
3. U.S.A had highest medal tally of 37, whereas Canada clinched highest number of 14 Gold medals
4. India wins no medal in this event
5. The 22nd edition of Winter Olympics will be held in Simla, India

3. Recent appointments are given below. Pick up the incorrect one?
1. Amnesty International secretary general - Salil Shetty
2. Member of Committee on the Arts and Humanities, U.S.A- Jhumpa Lahiri
3. 19th Law Commission - K.G. Balakrishnan
4. Indian Hockey Team captain - Raj Pal Singh
5. National Investigation Agency - S.C. Sinha

4. Of the following statements which one is correct regarding the Agriculture sector as Pranab wanted to introduce many reforms in
the same?
1. A strong supply chain for perishable farm produce to reach consumption and processing centers and encourage Infrastructure and technology to convert such produce into value-added products
2. Infusion of technology to augment agricultural production and the related technology to develop sectors such as horticulture, apiary, dairy, poultry, meat, marine and aquaculture.
3. Project import status with a concessional import duty of 5 percent for the setting up of mechanized handling systems and pallet
racking systems in 'mandis'
4. Concessional customs duty of 5 percent to specified agricultural machinery not manufactured in India
5. All of above

5. Resolving the tax disputes and making settlements with tax payers is not so easy. Among the following statements which one is incorrect
regarding this Budget?
1. To expand the scope of Settlement Commission
2. The commission will conduct the proceedings related to search and seizure cases pending for assessment
3. This commission is authorized to settle the disputes relating to VAT
4. Central Excise and Customs cases also to be considered which fell outside previously, may be admitted
5. None

6. New entrants who intend to take Bank license, must satisfy the new guide lines given below as said by R.B.I on 2 Mar 2010. Pick
up the correct one?
a) One should open branches only in rural areas for the first 2 years
b) They should give more loans to Agriculture sector
c) In India, no bank is allowed to have foreign branches for first 2 years
d) No bank is allowed to have insurance business for the first 5 years
1. a c d 2. a b c d 3. b c d 4. a b 5. c d

7. Few states decisions and schemes are given below. Pick up correct one?
a) The first state to introduce the semi-conductor policy - Karnataka
b) The state to ban the use of Polythene bags with less than 40 microns - Haryana
c) The state decided to give 10 % reservation in government jobs for the economically, educationally and socially backward sections among Muslims - West Bengal
d) Lakshya, a class room coaching for XI and XII students to prepare them for all India competitive exams like IIT, IIIT - Delhi government
e) E-Sanchar an innovative E-Governance project initiated - Rajasthan
f) State not ready to give license to mining - Goa
g) Grow Sugar cane and get a motor cycle is slogan of - Punjab
1. a b c d e f g 2. b c d e f g
3. a b c d e g 4. a b c d f
5. b c d f g

8. The Open Market Operation (OMO) transactions of the RBI are meant to regulate which of the following?
1. Deflation 2. U.S.A. dollar 3. Borrowing abilities of the banks
4. Inflow of Foreign Direct Investment
5. Liquidity in economy

9. Competition commission of India issued the notice to 20 Banks to explain why they charge…?
1. different charge on different amounts of Demand Draft taken by the customers calling it is not fair
2. for return of the cheque due to lack of funds
3. a penalty for foreclosing housing loans
4. for ATM withdrawals if the customer uses credit card
5. all of above

10. On 7 Mar 2010, RBI ordered a special audit of the accounts of …, following investigations in to irregular dealings by this private
sector bank?
1. Karur vysya Bank Ltd 2. ING VYSYA 3. ICICI 4. HDFC
5. Bank of Rajasthan

11. An investor wants to invest money. Of the following products, in which category he get less Return?
1. Liquid Funds
2. Post Office Deposits
3. National saving Certificates
4. Bank fixed deposits
5. Debt mutual funds

12. With traded over 161 million contracts in 2009, MCX became world's ___ largest commodity Exchange by FEB 2010.
1. First 2. Second 3. Sixth 4. Fourth 5. Tenth

13. Which Private Bank announced to introduce 'Family Office' account for business families with assets exceeding Rs. 100 crore?

14. The next annual UN Climate Change Conference will be held by the end of 2010 in?
1. New Delhi 2. Geneva 3. Oslo 4. Peru 5. Mexico City

15. Which among the following is correct regarding 2010 South Asian Games Hockey?
1. India: Gold, Bangladesh: Silver, Pakistan: Bronze
2. Sri Lanka: Gold, Bhutan: Silver, Maldives: Bronze
3. Pakistan: Gold, India: Silver, Bangladesh: Bronze
4. Bhutan: Gold, Sri Lanka: Silver, India: Bronze
5. Maldives: Gold, Pakistan: silver, Sri Lanka: Bronze

16. A variable interest rate deposit product by name Systematic
Saving Plan (SSP) offers medium to long term deposit installment
option initiated by ……?
1. HDFC 2. ICICI 3. SBI 4. AXIS 5. PNB

17. Prime Minister Man Mohan Singh launched India’s Solar Energy
Mission on January 11, 2010. Pick up correct statements?
a) This mission named as Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission
b) The main aim of the mission is to help generate 20,000 MW of solar power by 2022.
c) This policy urged the industry to create ‘Solar Valleys’ on the lines of Silicon Valleys.
d) The mission is an important part of the country’s National Action Plan on Climate Change and is trying to establish the country.
e) Vice-Chairmans of this mission are the chief ministers of all states in India
f) The mission targets 1,100 MW grid solar power, 7 million sq meter solar collectors and 200 MW off grid solar applications in first phase by 2013.
g) 20,000 MW grid solar power, 20 million sq m solar collectors and 2,000 MW off grid solar applications by the year 2022.
1. a b c d f g 2. a b c d e f g
3. a b c d e 4. b c d e f g
5. c d e f g

18. Pranab in his Economic Survey 2009-2010, furnished the few statements. Pick up the incorrect one?
1. India becomes the largest producer of Silver by 2014
2. Slowdown in infrastructure that began in 2007, arrested
3. Domestic oil production to rise 11 percent in 2009-10
4. Gas output up 52.8 percent to 50.2 billion cubic meters with RIL starting production
5. India world's 2nd largest wireless network with 525.1 million mobile users

19. Many proposals were given by FM regarding Agriculture Credit. Pick up the incorrect one?
a) For the year 2010-2011, the Agriculture credit target by 15 %, banks raise credit to Rs. 3, 75,000 cr from Rs. 3, 25,000 cr
b) He proposed another 6 months period for repayment of loan by farmers from 31 Dec 09 to 30 June 2010.
c) All banks give more loans to priority sector increase from 40 %to 45 %
d) One percent interest subvention and incentive to those farmers who repay their short term crop loans as per scheduled in the last year. This one announced in the last budget
e) FM proposed to raise the subvention from one percent to two percent for 2010-2011.
1. a 2. b 3. c 4. d 5. e

20. Which of the following statements regarding the IPO Index launched by the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) recently is correct?
a) This is the first such index in the country
b) The IPO Index will track the value of companies for two years from the date of their listing after their initial public offers (IPOs)
c) Minimum of 50 stocks would be maintained to form the index at all times
d) IPOs of companies with a minimum freefloat market capitalization of Rs 100 crore would be included in the index
e) The maximum weight of any stock would be capped at 20%
1. a b c d 2. a b c e 3. a b d e 4. a c d e 5. a b c d e

21. On 12 Feb 2010 the government of India decided to release the data on outward investments ….. basis from next fiscal year?
1. Yearly 2. Half-yearly 3. Weekly 4. Daily 5. Monthly

22. Which facts are correct regarding Rastriya Swastya Bhima Yozana (RSBY)?
a. RSBY was introduced on 1 OCT 2007
b. It becomes operational from 1 APR 2008
c. It provides health insurance cover to BPL families and workers
d. It is now proposed to extend its benefits to all such MGNREGP beneficiaries who have worked more than 15 days during the preceding financial year
e. This scheme is not applicable to urban poor
1. a b c e 2. b c d 3. a b c d 4. c d e 5. a c d e

23. 8 member committee appointed recently by the ministry of housing and urban poverty alleviation to discuss the draft guidelines of
government's scheme Rajiv Awas Yojana (RAY) to see the country free from slums. It is headed by
1. Amartya sen 2. Chaturvedi
3. Deepak Parekh 4. Abhijith Sen
5. C.N.R. Rao

24. If State Bank of Indore merges with SBI in this year, SBI will be left with five associate banks namely State Bank of Mysore, State
Bank of Bikaner and Jaipur, State Bank of Travancore, State Bank of Patiala, and State Bank of Hyderabad. How many of these associate banks are listed in bourses.
1. 7 2. 5 3. 1 4. 3 5. 9

KEY: 1.2 2.5 3.3 4.5 5.3 6.4 7.1 8.5 9.3 10.5 11.1 12.3 13.3 14.5
15.3 16.1 17.1 18.1 19.3 20.3 21.5 22.3 23.3 24.4.

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