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SBI Clerks Numerical Ability Model Questions and Answers

1. A man buys an article for Rs.1250 and sells for Rs.1437.50. Find his profit percent.
A) 12.5% B) 25% C) 18% D) 15% E) None of these

2. The dealer charges his customers 14% more than the cost price. If a customer paid Rs. 17556 for a television, then what was the cost price of the television?
A) Rs.14800 B) Rs.15400
C) Rs.16800 D) Rs.15000
E) None of these

3. The cost of 12 pens and 18 pencils is Rs.624. What is the cost of 4 pens and 6 pencils?
A) Rs.312 B) Rs.416
C) Rs.208 D) Can’t be determined
E) None of these

4. A man sold an article for Rs.83.60 at a loss of 12%. At what price should he have sold it to gain 12%?
A) Rs.106.40 B) Rs.95
C) Rs.108.50 D) Can’t be determined
E) None of these

5. A sells an article to B at a gain of 15% and B sells it to C at a gain of 10%. If C pays Rs.462 for it, what did it cost to A?
A) Rs.350 B) Rs.225 C) Rs.250 D) Rs.325 E) None of these

6. Pavan purchased 30 kg of rice at the rate of Rs.17.50 per kg and another 30 kg rice at a certain rate. He mixed the two and sold the
entire quantity at the rate of Rs.18.60 per kg and made 20% overall profit. At what price per kg did he purchase the second lot?
A) Rs.17.60 B) Rs.15.70 C) Rs.12.60 D) Rs.12.30 E) Rs.13.50

7. A man buys 5 horses and 10 cows for Rs.1600. He sells horses at a profit of 15% and cows at a loss of 10%. If his overall profit was Rs.90, what was the cost price of a horse?
A) Rs.170 B) Rs.60 C) Rs.260 D) Rs.200 E) None of these

8. A shopkeeper marked an article at Rs. 560 and sells for Rs.448. Find the discount percent he offered.
A) 20% B) 15% C) 25% D) 16% E) None of these

9. An article is marked at Rs.120 and 20% discount is offered on it. How many such articles can be bought for Rs.3264?
A) 24 B) 34 C) 26 D) 28 E) None of these

10. A man buys 120 litres of oil for Rs. 3360. He sells 80 litres of oil for Rs.32 per litre and remaining at Rs.24 per litre. Find his overall profit / loss%?
A) 3.6% loss B) 4.2% profit C) 4.8% profit
D) 2.8% loss E) None of these

11. A dishonest dealer professes to sell his goods at the cost price, but uses only 750 grams in place of a kilogram weight. Find his profit percent.
A) 20% B) 25% C) 30% D) 15% E) None of these

12. A trader buys an article for Rs.510. He allows 15% discount on it and yet gains 12%. Find the rate at which he marked the article.
A) Rs.580 B) Rs.672 C) Rs.664 D) Rs.675 E) None of these

13. A dealer allows 10% discount on the list price of a certain article and yet makes a profit of 25% on each article. Find the cost price of the article when list price is Rs.50.
A) Rs.36 B) Rs.32 C) Rs.38 D) Rs.42 E) None of these

14. Due to 20% reduction in the price of rice, Hari is able to purchase 6 kg more rice for Rs.120. What was the original rate of rice?
A) Rs.5 / kg B) Rs.4 / kg C) Rs.4.25 / kg D) Rs.4.80 / kg
E) Rs.5.20 / kg

15. Arun purchased a box of pencils at the rate of 6 for Rs.9 and sold all of them at the rate of 7 for Rs.11. If he gains Rs.9, how many pencils did the box contain?
A) 42 B) 126 C) 21 D) Can’t be determined E) None of these

16. A shopkeeper buys an article for Rs.528. He offers 12% discount on selling the article and yet gains 18%. Find the rate at which he marked the article.
A) Rs.713 B) Rs.578 C) Rs.708 D) Rs.653 E) None of these

17. A fruit seller buys 60 oranges for Rs.480. Five oranges were spoilt in transportation. If he sells the remaining oranges at Rs.12
each, find his profit or loss percent.
A) 25% loss B) 32.5% profit C) 20% profit D) 35% profit
E) None of these

18. A certain number of articles were purchased for Rs.90. Three more articles could have been purchased for the same amount if each article was cheaper by Rs1. Find the number of articles purchased.
A) 12 B) 28 C) 18 D) 15 5) None of these

ANSWERS : 1-D; 2-B; 3-C; 4-A; 5-C; 6-E; 7-D; 8-A; 9-B; 10-C; 11-E; 12-C; 13-A; 14-A; 15-B; 16-C; 17-E; 18-D.

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