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SBI Clerk Posts General English Study Material

SBI Posts Important Questions (General English Part)

As far as general English part is considered, it poses 50 multiple choice questions comprising Reading Comprehension, Vocabulary In
Context, Sentence Completion, Spotting the Errors, Sentence Improvement, Cloze Test and Rearrangement of Jumbled Sentences into a
paragraph. If you keenly observe the previous question papers of 2008, 2005, 2003 and 2001, you come to a conclusion that the above mentioned areas are the syllabus for the test.
How to deal with the above question types:
Lets take up each question type and how to deal with it.
A previous question from 2005 SBI POs.
1. If criminals are ----- to join electoral fray, ---- likely to increase.
A) Compelled - brother hood
B) Encouraged - harmony
C) Allowed - Extortion
D) Deterred - Corruption
E) Invited - Voting
This kind of question is called a sentence completion question. This is a very frequent question type in various examinations besides SBI POs.
A Sentence completion question consists of a sentence with one or two blanks, your job is to fill in those blanks, usually with one word or occasionally a set of two or three words betting to each blank.

Lets deal with the given question The above question poses you two blanks to be filled in. You are also provided with five options that seem fitting the blanks. You are supposed to fill the blank with the option that best fits and makes the sentence meaningful. Take up the question Firstly, read the entire sentence carefully for its gist so that you can understand what the blank needs. Secondly, predict the sense befitting the blank before you look at the options suggested.
Thirdly, insert the answer choices and eliminate that don't go with your prior prediction.
If you take up the given sentence, 'If' which is in the beginning of the sentence stands as a clue depending upon that you can guess what goes into the blank.
⇒ Predict the sense:
If Criminals are what and what will increase?
⇒ Plug in the Answer Choices:
(1) If criminals are compelled to join elections brotherhood will increase? No.
(2) If criminals are encouraged to join elections harmony will increase? No.
(3) If criminals are allowed to join elections extortion will increase? Yes.
(4) If criminals are deterred (or) stopped to join elections corruption will increase? No.
(5) If criminals are invited to join elections voting will increase? No.
(Whether voting will increase or rigging will increase? just for fun)
Therefore the answer is 'C' (allowed and extortion) Remember the Approach of Solving this question type
Step 1. Read the whole sentence for gist
Step 2 Predict the sense
Step 3 Plug in the answer choices.
Lets apply this three step method and answer the following question of the kind.
2. As a public relations specialist, Ramesh realizes the importance of ...... and ...... when dealing with even the most nagging tourists
A) dignity - etiquette
B) fantasy - realism
C) kindness - patience
D) courtesy - logic
D) truth - honesty
As far as this question- sentence is concerned, the two blanks need almost synonyms. Because the word between two blanks is 'AND'. It says that the befitting words may not be the words with exactly same meaning but they should be on the same wavelength. Rememberthey are not opposites at all. Therefore you can eliminate choice 'B' because the words of the choice are opposites.
If you take up the second blank into consideration choices 'E' and 'D' are eliminated because you don't need honesty or logic when you are dealing with nagging tourists.
Of the two choices left 'A' and 'C', 'Patience' is more needed than etiquette especially when you deal with nagging tourists. Therefore 'C' is the best answer.
Try these questions taken from previous paper of SBI POs.
1. Lawyers and Doctors ..... that advertising will certainly ..... their profession adversely.
A) trust - damage
B) believe - affect
C) plead - escalate
D) argue - effect
E) contemplate - boost
2. Most people are too ..... in their own lives to ..... much about the agonies of others.
A) absorbed - care
B) concerned - hate
C) indulged - eradicate
D) involved - console
E) entangling - worry
3. Several plots ..... in various television episodes
A) Screen concurrently
B) televised consequently
C) about reportedly
D) exhibit frequently
E) demonstrate violently
4. Because the ..... leading to cancellation of flight were murky. The minister appointed a commission to ..... and report the matter.
A) staff members - undertake
B) decisions - decide
C) facts - underplay
D) events - camouflage
E) circumstances - investigate
5. Though the country has ..... free medical service for the poor, it is .....
A) stopped - unaffordable
B) rendered - essential
C) maintained - admirable
D) favoured - appreciable
E) instituted - inadequate
6. The recently ..... Olympic games experienced some unhealthy practices ..... to by a few Athletes.
A) concluded - resorted
B) finished - preferred
C) held - exhibited
D) over - adhered
E) closed - devoured
7. When interpersonal problems ..... but are not dealt with, the organisation's productivity inevitably .....
A) surface - develops
B) focus - increases
C) establish - projects
D) develop - exhibits
E) exist - diminishes
8. Journalism is a ..... for truth, a crusade to ..... injustice and wrong doing.
A) product - limit
B) boon - justify
C) travesty - attack
D) quest - expose
E) search - optimize
9. This book is readable, clear and ..... researched with ..... detailed references.
A) fabulously - intricate
B) meticulously - extensive
C) leisurely - complete
D) hardly - national
E) closely - scattered
10. The interest has ..... innovation related to several sectors of ..... Pharmaceutical business and industry.
A) accepted - skeletal
B) insured - fateful
C) affected - plummeting
D) restricted - grown
E) accelerated - burgeoning
11. The Indian hospitality industry which has been ..... a prolonged slump is now entering a new ..... phase ready to enhance profitability
A) witnessing - ambitious
B) observing - listless
C) demonstrating - efficient
D) recovering - debt
E) succumbing - lean
12. The police arrested Chandu on a ---- of theft but for lack of evidence --- him.
A) crime - imprisoned
B) punished - complaint
C) left - condition
D) tip - absconding
E) charge - released
13. For the last half century he --- himself to public affairs --- taking a holiday
A) by - committed
B) after - offered
C) devoted - without
D) sacrificed - after
E) prepared - before
14. You will see signs of ---- everywhere, which speak well for the ---- of these people.
A) decoration - senses
B) clear - debris
C) beauty - careful
D) industry - prosperity
E) repairs - extravaganza
15. He objected to the proposal because it was founded ..... on a principle and also ..... was at times.
A) faulty - desirable
B) imperative - reasonable
C) wrong - inconvenient
D) sound - acceptable
E) conforming - deplorable

1.B 2.A 3.A 4.E 5.E 6.A 7.E 8.D 9.B 10.E 11.A 12.E 13.C 14.D 15.C

1. B. believe - affect
2. A. absorbed - care
3. A. screen concurrently
4. E. circumstances - investigate
5. E. instituted - inadequate
6. A. concluded - restored
7. E. exist - diminished
8. D. quest - expose
9. B. meticulously - extensive
10. E. accelerated - burgeoning
11. A. witnessing - ambitious
12. E. charge - released
13. C. devoted - without
14. D. industry - prosperity
15. C. Wrong - inconvenient.

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