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SBI Associate Banks Clerks Exam Previous Question Paper

Following is the question paper of the Written Examination for Clerks Posts in SBI Associated Banks. This examination was held on 1st March 2009. The Question is given based on memory. Answers for all the sections also available at the end of the question paper. The Associate Banks of SBI Clerk Examination is held in Ist Shift on 1-3-2009. This question paper will be helpful for the practice for SBI Clerks Recruitment 2012. Questions and answers are available for the following sections:

1) General Awareness: 40 Questions
2) General English: 40 Questions
3) Quantitative Aptitude: 40 Questions
4) Reasoning Test: 40 Questions
5) Marketing Aptitude / Computer Knowledge: 40 Questions

Following are some model questions. You can see the link for complete question paper at the end of these model questions.

1) The basic goal of computer process is to convert data into ……….
(A) files (B) tables (C) information (D) graphs (E) None of these

2) Where is the disk put in a computer ?
(A) In the modem (B) In the hard drive (C) Into the CPU (D) In the disk drive (E) None of these

3) A hard copy of a document is ……….
(A) printed on the printer (B) stored on a floppy (C) stored on a CD (D) stored in the hard disk (E) None of these

4) The name that the user gives to a document is referred to as ……….
(A) document- name (B) file name (C) name- given (D) document-identity (E) None of these

5) Restarting a computer that is already on is referred to as ……….
(A) shut down (B) cold booting (C) warm booting (D) logging off (E) None of these

SBI Clerks Exam Previous Paper 2009

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