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RRC Group D Exam 2013 – Question Paper with Key – English and Telugu Versions

Railway Recruitment Cell (RRC) has conducted written examination for Group - D posts on 27th October 2013. Here we are giving RRC Group D question paper with answers / key for all 100 questions. The question paper is available in English and Telugu versions. Candidates can download the question papers and key for future reference and practice. The RRC Group D examination has been held across the country. Following are the question papers and answers:

RRC Group D Question Paper - 2013 Telugu Version

Following is the English Version Question Paper:

Key / Answers for both versions:

1-D; 2–C; 3–D; 4–A; 5–D; 6–B; 7–B; 8–D; 9–A; 10–A; 11–A; 12–B; 13–C;
14–B; 15–B; 16-D; 17–C; 18–C; 19–D; 20–A; 21–D; 22–D; 23–B; 24–A; 25–C; 26–C; 27–B; 28–B; 29–C; 30–A; 31–C; 32–A; 33–C; 34–C; 35–A; 36–A; 37–A; 38–B; 39–B; 40–C; 41–D; 42–A; 43–C; 44–C; 45–B; 46–C; 47–B; 48–C; 49–A; 50–C; 51–A; 52–C; 53–D; 54–C; 55–C; 56–C; 57–C; 58–C; 59–C; 60–C; 61–B; 62–D; 63–D; 64–D; 65–B; 66–D; 67–B; 68–B; 69–D; 70–B; 71–B; 72–C; 73–B; 74–C; 75–D; 76–C; 77–D; 78–A; 79–D; 80–B; 81–D; 82–D; 83–B; 84–D; 85–C; 86–B; 87–C; 88–D; 89–D; 90–D; 91–C; 92–B; 93–B; 94–B; 95–B; 96–C; 97–D; 98–A; 99–A; 100–B.

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