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Ranking Your College – Self Assessment

Here is a questionnaire with 19 questions that can help you a lot in ranking any professional college on your own. Particularly, aspiring Management, Engineering and MCA graduates can use this for review of their college. It will be very useful for your career if you take this review before joining the college. This is a very simple method of ranking based on highly practical issues that needs attention of all students while selecting a college.

Answers should be one among these:
1. Good 2. Average 3. Not Good.
Write down the answers on a paper and count and evaluate based on the scores given below.

1. How is college physical structure?
2. How is Library facility?
3. How is Internet Lab/Computer Facility?
4. How are Classrooms?
5. How is Transportation Facility?
6. How is Hostel facility?
7. How helpful did you find college admin during your visit?
8. How well you were able to understand college’s management structure?
9. How do you feel about the faculty with their Industry Experience?
10. How was the response from the faculty/professors to help you with your objectives?
11. How was the satisfaction response from the current Students about the College?
12. How did you find the strength of Alumni’s in the College and their activities? (You may take this review for any alumni or information at college)
13. How is the response of companies about the college? (Reflects in the number of companies visited and number of people hired)
14. How is the satisfaction of placement with current and previous students?
15. How are the Number of external training/developmental programs conducted are attended by Corporates?
16. How are the alumni’s profile who attended the workshops/trainings at the college?
17. How was the Industry based Incubation Labs/setup of organizations in the college?
18. How do you feel about the time allocated for students to spend in Industry during the course?
19. How progressive are the extra curricular activities at college? (e.g. Sports, external seminars etc.,)

Total: There are total 19 questions, Below is result indicative

Give 2 points for good
Give 1 point for average
Give 0 point for not good


1. If total is between 33-38 then review is Excellent (First Choice)
2. If total is between 27-32 then review is Very Good (2nd Best Choice)
3. If total is between 20-27 then review is Good (Consider as choice but use discretion)
4. If total is less than 20 then review is average ( Rethink /Avoid)

Disclaimer: This review sheet is for your guideline only and result is only indicator. You may inquire more if you want better review.

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