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Pondicherry University Conference on Hepatocellular Diseases

The Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Pondicherry University is gearing up to hold a two day national conference on current scenario and emerging trends in hepatocellular diseases. The University has released press note stating that the conference will focus on the key aspects of hepatology research, and strategies to explore liver at the cellular and molecular level. The conference is likely to highlight the recent advances in the field of hepatology research along with its future perspectives in various perspectives.

About the subject: Liver is a vital organ in the human body. It plays a central role in metabolic regulation and toxin excretion. Liver is constantly exposed to a variety of stress due to lifestyle adaptations. This along with several other factors leads to malfunction and disease conditions of the liver.

The damage caused to liver may worsen with time. It is essential to find a cure or treatment through biocompatible methods, herbal medicines etc. The present conference would discuss all these issues in detail.

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