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Planning for Overseas Education – Admission Schedule

Are you planning to go abroad for higher education? This is the crucial and important time for all the students, who are in their final year of Graduation. There are two options for these students. 1. Find a job and start working after the completion of course 2. Go for higher studies. For higher studies, students will have two options. One is to study in India and the other is study in overseas. Following is the step by step procedure to get prepared for the overseas education.

Deciding on the country

There are plenty of options. You can select from as many as 15 countries to study depending on the requirement. Its very important to zero down on a country now so as to start application process. The most sought after countries as per their priority are given below:
1. USA
2. Germany, Sweden, Austria etc. (These are called Free Education Countries)
3. Canada
4. Australia
5. New Zealand
6. UK
7. Ireland, Singapore, Cyprus, France etc.


After selection of the country, you need to know when the intakes are starting for the same. Most of the countries also have a follow up intake after the immediate intake is over. Majority of the institutions have a July or a September intake start for most of the countries.
1. USA: August/ September followed by January
2. Germany: September/October followed by March
3. Canada: September followed by January
4. Australia/ NZ: July/ August followed by November (Very few instutions) followed by February/ March
5. UK: September/ October followed by January
6. Singapore: July followed by October and January

Application Deadlines for Various Countries

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