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Planning career from Graduation

The student should assess the entire situation and decide their goals to be achieved after graduation. If he or she is willing to pursue further studies they should be focused on the goal and aim for a better fellowship to pursue Masters followed by a relevant Ph.D degree and Post doctoral fellowship. They can get a scientific position in a reputed scientific organization or in any private institute in future.
While moving forward in life in this direction several other unexpected and unnecessary problems the student has to face and decide wisely. Choosing the subject of Ph.D topic and working place not of less importance than clearing an international fellowship. So many students got beaten in this race just because of their poor selection of topic and place of work. Therefore, after receiving the fellowship also student should be cautious and choose the topic and the place of work wisely.

Similarly, if they are aiming for a quick recruitment just after graduation or post graduation they have to look for suitable private or govt. organization to get in. Once they are having better experience of at least 2 years they can further look for higher studies. In this regard working in a private organization is better as they have a very controlled, disciplined and up to date environment with necessary facilities. If the job is in R&D sector with specialization in good techniques and subject then pursuing further degrees like Ph.D becomes easier for the candidate.

Presently there are several semi Govt. and private life science organizations that are providing suitable opportunities for further studies while continuing the company projects. This is better option than any other as this provide good project with collaboration with the best Universities in the world. Moreover as it is targeted company project the student can finish it off in less time instead of traditional prolonged duration with not much effective output.

Thus, this middle way of working and continuing studies is the best option that a student can have irrespective of other conditions.

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