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Pharmacy in National University of Singapore

Question 1: I am doing my final year B. Pharm. I am planning to do my further studies at National University of Singapore. Can you tell me how is pharmacy course at N.U.S? I am planning to do pharmaceutical quality assurance.

Answer: N.U.S is among the top listed Universities in India. So any course opted in N.U.S is definitely going to have more impact for future. Therefore, you can choose N.U.S. Now about the Pharmacy course in N.U.S. in terms of output generation this is a quite good department. For further information please visit: . QS and QA are there for long time and it is a quite static area in general. So it’s better to opt for some modern subject in pharmaceutical science. In an overall basis any opted subject in pharmacy is having scope in the industry provided you have relevant quality training from a quality Institute.

Jobs for M.Sc. Microbiology:

Question 2: I am studying M.Sc. Microbiology. Please tell me about good opportunities for my course. How I get good job?

Answer: The best way is to proceed for further degree, i.e., Ph.D. After Master degree there are several jobs available in different companies working in the area of pharmaceuticals and agricultural products. Below provided the list of companies offer jobs in Microbiology related areas: Quintiles Transnational, Euphoric Pharmaceuticals, Cadila Pharmaceuticals, Bangalore Genei, Bigtec Private Limited, Biocon, Greenearth Biotechnologies Limited.

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