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Panchayat Secretary Question Papers with Key 2014

Here we are giving Panchayat Secretary examination question papers along with the Key. The examination was held by APPSC on 23rd February 2014 in two sessions. Both the question papers are available here for download. Here are some model questions from the question papers:

1) Which state in India produces the maximum cotton?
1) West Bengal
2) Kerala
3) Bihar
4) Gujarat

2) How many types of Gauges does the Indian Railway - track have?
1) 1 2) 2 3) 3 4) 4

3) The first Mughal emperor who issued a farmaan to the English to open a factory at Surat was...
1) Akbar
2) Jahangir
3) Shajahan
4) Aurangazeb

4) The founder of Bhakti Movement in India was...
1) Shankaracharya
2) Nimbarkacharya
3) Madhvacharya
4) Ramanujacharya

5) An earthquake under the sea is called a ...
1) Cyclone
2) Lightning
3) Thunder
4) Tsunami

6) Nelson Mandela, who died recently, received the Bharat Ratna Award from the Indian Government in the year...
1) 1988
2) 1989
3) 1990
4) 1991

Panchayat Secretary Paper 1-2014

Panchayat Secretary Paper-II-2014

Key for the above question papers will be released by APPSC. The unofficial key is available on and .

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