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The United States of America tops the list of favorite countries for higher education in any discipline. The number of Indian Students joining in various courses of USA Universities has crossed one lakh recently. USA is the most attractive destination for international students to pursue M.S., MBA and Science courses. Immense educational and employment opportunities are available in USA with more than 1700 institutions offering wide variety of courses in Engineering and Sciences. World wide recognition and value to the degree are driving forces for students across the world to choose USA as their career destination. US universities follow strict academic calendar and rigorous instruction pattern. India has been on top for sending more number of students to US, followed by China.

US Universities follow nomenclatures of Under Graduation and Post Graduation for their courses. Bachelor Courses are called Under Graduation and all other courses including M.S., MBA, Ph.D., Law and Medicine falls under Post Graduation category. US universities can be divided based on their cost of education as well. There are high cost, medium cost and low cost institutions. Tuition fee ranges from $ 6000 to $ 19000 depending on the university or college. There are number of Foundations and Trusts that offer Scholarships and Fellowships to meritorious candidates. Candidates can also avail studentships and financial aid based on their performance in GRE. If you can not meet the costs, you will need to apply for financial assistance based on the eligibility requirements. Here are some university wise scholarships:

1. Harvard University: Aga Khan Foundation, Fulbright Program for Foreign Students, Inlaks Foundation, Ford Foundation.

2. Yale University: International Education Financial Aid, Fulbright program, Department studentships offered for various discipline.

3. Cornell University: Scholarships by the American Indian Program, Fulbright, Tata Education and Development Trust Scholarships, Edwise International Fellowships.

4. Columbia University: Fulbright Scholarships, Department Studentships

5. Brown University: Fulbright Scholarships, Ford Foundation Fellowships, Department Studentships etc.

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