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Opportunities After B.Tech EEE and PGDBA

Question: I have completed B.Tech (EEE) and working as electrical design engineer for automotive electrical system and rail electrical system from last 3 years. Recently I completed PGDBA (operation) from SCDL. So please suggest me any Post Graduate courses that I can do correspondence in automobile electrical and electronics so that I can build my technical skills. Also suggest with my PGDBA (operations) from SCDL what positions I can try for in leading auto manufacturing companies in India and abroad to be part of management team.
- Rajendra Sarma, Chennai

Answer: Never depend more on certificate courses; always focus on the skills you gain through practice. You can consult CITD However, a distance education is no way less than a regular classroom course. Since you are working, this will be handy.

You better join Quora like social technical forums where you can ask questions on specific areas and seek guidance or opinion from those technical experts. This way you can engage the dialogue and learn many things from those people. Auto manufacturers are going to strive to introduce new features. Cars today are now electro-mechanical machines, instead of being just mechanical machines.

It is good to have an electrical background for the future. Here is a small list of research being done now on Automobile electronics: Google is currently working on a driver-less car, DARPA has been working on this as well. Additionally technologies currently used in F1, such as KERS are bound to find their way into future automobiles to promote performance without sacrificing fuel economy. Here is a minor list of prominent companies in the space: EATON, Continental Tire, Johnson Controls, and Honeywell.

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