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Number of Engineering Seats in IITs – Old and New

Brand IIT is exciting experience for aspiring Engineers in India. IITs are known as the best institutes for imparting Graduate and Post Graduate Engineering (B.Tech and M.Tech.) education on par with international standards. Huge demand for seats in IITs is an indication for this recognition and reputation. Students and their parents dream of IITs for excellent career. IITs offer quality training and corporate placements. But with the number of these top class institutes are limited, there is tough competition for scarce seats.

There are 7 IITs only in the country till 2008. Govt. of India has started 6 new IITs in various states during 2008-09 acaemic year and 2 more IITs during 2009-10 academic year. There are proposals for establishment of more IITs in the near future. At present, most of the new IITs are functioning from temporary campuses. There will be more number of seats on offer once these IITs start functioning on their own campuses. At present there are 6391 seats in various Engineering programmes in IITs. Following are the total number of seats available in various IITs:

1. IIT Madras, Tamilnadu : 713
2. IIT Bombay, Maharastra : 746
3. IIT Kharagpur, West Bengal : 1138
4. IIT Guwahati, Assam : 498
5. IIT Delhi : 721
6. IIT Kanpur, UP : 702
7. IIT Roorkee : 1013
8. IIT Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh : 120
9. IIT Rajasthan : 120
10. IIT Gandhinagar, Gujarat : 120
11. IIT Patna, Bihar : 120
12. IIT Bhubaneshwar, Orissa : 120
13. IIT Ropar, Punjab : 120
14. IIT Indore : 120
15. IIT Mandi : 120

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