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NIPER JEE Exam Structure and Success Tips

The National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research (NIPER) conducts Joint Entrance Exam every year for admission to M.Pharm, M.S. (Pharm), M.Tech. (Pharm) and MBA (Pharm) courses in NIPERs located at SAS Nagar, Hajipur, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Ahmadabad, Gawhati and Rae Barelli. The details of exam nature, preparation method and useful books for NIPER JEE have been discussed in this article. NIPER JEE exam consists of 200 objective type questions which should be completed in 2 hrs. There is a negative marking of 0.25 for a wrong answer. The questions cover the basic courses of B.Pharm. In addition, around 10 to 15 questions related to GK, General english (such as synonyms and antonyms), expansion of acronyms and abbreviations such as CPCSEA, INSA etc.

Standard and nature of questions:

The questions will be of high standard and will be in multiple choice type with negative marking of 0.25 per a wrong answer. Emphasis will usually be given to organic chemistry unlike GPAT where more emphasis is on medicinal chemistry. The student should be thorough in organic chemistry, particularly IUPAC names, stereo chemistry and writing the structures and interpretation of spectra. Apart from this, the questions cover remaining areas of B.Pharm course as mentioned above.

The student should practice organic chemistry which requires more time. Efforts should be made to solve the problems related to organic chemistry from books such as IL Finar and Morrision and Boyd etc. At least 5 to 6 hours of practice is needed for gaining confidence. it should be remembered that the 200 questions need to be answered in 120 min which means that around 30 sec need to be spent for each question. Hence, in order to score more marks, one should be thorough with the subject.

Useful Books for NIPER JEE:

There are no specific books for this exam. One needs to study the books prescribed for the B.Pharm course. As it is said earlier, emphasis should be laid down on the basic principles of these subjects. A book called Comprehensive Review of Pharmacy by Leon Shargel will give an over view of all subjects of B.Pharm course as a bird's eye view. The student should practice particularly by writing more on a paper which prepares him to face the exam.

The question of language does not arise as the medium of instruction for B.Pharm course is English. However, since the preparation for this exam involves reading study material out side the syllabus of B.Pharm, the Telugu and other regional language medium students should exercise more caution and put more effort in understanding the subject. They should write write while preparing for NIPER JEE exam as writing on a paper in a points form. This will help them to frame the MCQ for them selves as a model question.

The candidate should be more careful and should put more effort for preparing this exam. He should spend at least 6 hrs in reading the subjects. Occasional group discussions with the peer group will sharpen the knowledge, allows them to memorize the points. Some libraries will have online access of the text books where student resources will be an additional help. Since 200 questions need to be answered in 120 minute with a negative marking, the student should be thorough in the subject areas in B.Pharm course.

All the Best!

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