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My Drona-E Learning Audio Video Device from Setu Software Systems

Here comes a smart and handy e-learning device that can be useful for all types of courses and students. ‘My Drona’ is an e-learning device that provides a learner with what he wants to learn at a cost of less than 5 rupees per day. You can find thousands of pages on internet for any kind of subject or topic. You have to spend lots of time and energies to get what exactly you want from internet. My Drona can save your time and energy and offer you a quality learning material that is available on the internet. My Drona's powerful servers can search and locate highly relevant and purely verified material that may suit your profile and learning needs. After locating the material, you can then download it onto your device from My Drona’s high-speed internet service centers / kiosks. The device is then ready for offline learning while on the go.

My Drona was invented by a team of professors and students at International Institute of Information Technology – Hyderabad (IIIT- Hyderabad). This is like an audio – video player and a result of research activities of Search Technology Organisation ‘Setu Software Systems Private Limited’. Interested candidates have to purchase this device from centers / kiosks of My Drona and subscribe to the services through website or Setu Software centers.

Apart from regular curricular material, students can also get material on extra curricular topics such as music, cooking, photography, spiritual content etc. The device comes with an inbuilt memory of 4 GB and it can be extendable up to 32 GB. You can use the audio for 15 hours or video for 5 hours without any interruption from the battery. My Drona centers will provide the material required by the students.

Uses and advantages of My Drona:

1. myDrona is useful for all age groups and classes from Nursery to Intermediate and also help students on additional extra curricular subjects.
2. Students can choose topics of their choice from curricular or extra-curricular.
3. The device is very easy to operate and has just 8 buttons that one has to master. All are simple functions and provided with easy and robust interfaces for effective and comfortable learning.
4. You can pause and rewind lectures as many times as you like and till you master the required concepts.
5. my Drona also provides video lectures by experts and reputed institutions across the world.
6. You do not need a computer and not even a internet. My Drona is just a pocket size device that can be operated with the help of battery back up like your mobile and can be carried along with you.
7. There is also a call center support. You can get any help from the experts.
8. My Drona is available with features like Audio, Video, E Book Reader and also an Audio Recorder.

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16 thoughts on “My Drona-E Learning Audio Video Device from Setu Software Systems

  1. Kranthi

    Yeah, I am one customer availing the service of myDrona. I had purchased content on telugu and I am able to learn it, where ever I go. I tried to learn it quite a few times previously, but I couldn't because there was no one to teach and help me whenever required. But since I have the portable device now and high quality content on telugu, I am able to happily learn writing and reading my mother tongue everywhere. Cheers

    1. admin

      There is a online order facility through the website. OR contact at myDrona, SETU Software Systems Pvt. Ltd., IIIT Incubation Park, Vindhya C4, IIIT, Gachibowli, Hyderabad, India - 500 032. Phone: +91-8008804765 / 66 / 67 / 68.

  2. sridivya

    please forward the price and required address to my mail . so, that we can contact u...because the piece is gud...for present generation.....

  3. john herald

    I Want To Know The Cost Of That Piece Because The Piece Is Good.
    How Can i Get It .And Is There Any Extra Charges For It.

  4. gaddam narender reddy

    please forward the price and required address to my mail . so, that we can contact u…because the piece is gud…for present generation…..


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