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MBBS and PG Medical Colleges and Seats in India

The Government of India is planning to increase MBBS seats in India in the near future. It is estimated that about a total of 80000 seats in MBBS and 45000 seats in PG Medical courses will be available in the country by the year 2021. The Government is thinking of bringing Doctors and Population ratio to 1: 1000 from the present 1: 2000. This required addition of thousands of new doctors in the country. This has to be done through increase of Medical Colleges and seats in MBBS courses.

At present there are 335 medical colleges in the Country with 41569 seats in MBBS and 22194 seats in PG Medical Courses. Most of these colleges and seats are concentrated in Southern states of Andhra Pradesh, Tamilnadu and Karnataka. The Govt. is planning to establish more medical colleges in Central India to increase the number of MBBS seats.

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