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MBA or Job after BBA

A student of BBA inquired: 'I am doing final year BBA (Finance). I am not able to choose between MBA and Job options after BBA. Is it better to take MBA or settle in job after BBA?'

Answer: The demand for placement of good undergraduates is on the rise as industry is looking at hiring and training the young talent. BBA with a specialization in Finance does offer lucrative employment opportunities. However, whether to take up a job or pursue higher education depends on your career objective. Hence you need to look at your long term goals.

Even if you do get a lucrative job opportunity now, in the long run you need to have MBA degree to progress in career ladder. Otherwise your career shall stagnate after a point in time. Hence, it is better to complete your MBA degree and take up a job after that.

However, many youngsters prefer to work for a couple of years after their BBA and then go for MBA education either in a reputed institute in India or go abroad. It depends on your financial needs, aspiration to pursue higher education in a reputed institute and feeling responsible to study further after a couple of years of work experience.

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